Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pine Cones and Holly Berries!

Hey Family!
Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support this week. So many great things are happening in Denton! There are people who are prepared to hear the gospel being found by the elders and sisters here. :) I love being a missionary! It's the greatest blessing of my life.
Thanksgiving was really great this year! We got to go to the Mayfield's home! They invited their friend over who isn't a member, she's Buddhist! After dinner we played a little game and then sat down and had a message about the Plan of Salvation because she had a husband who recently passed away. We taught about seeing our family again after this life and being with them for eternity. I asked her if she believed she would see her husband again when she passes away and she said "I don't know." To which I got to bear strong testimony telling her that I know she will! She got a big smile on her face and I think she genuinely felt the spirit. It's so amazing to know that God loves all of his children no matter what religion they follow, they are able to feel the spirit and accept it. But I also know that God wants all of his children to having saving ordinances performed by the right authority and I help to open that gate for the Celestial Kingdom to all those I come in contact with by inviting them to be baptized! :) 
On Friday we started the "He is the Gift" initiative that the church has started. There's a video on youtube and about the Savior and his birth and his importance in our life. We went to the Denton Square and contacted a lot of people and they were so open. Many of them know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and the Reason for the Season. But we had the opportunity to share more of the fulness of the gospel. Funny story- there was a gross couple cuddling on the ground and kissing and stuff... the other sisters dared me to contact them and they didn't think I would... so I did!!!! bahaha after I talked to them the man said "Thank you, Sister Sylar" And then when I walked away they looked at the card for about 5 minutes. I know it was an awkward situation (and really funny) but I know that I'm called to declare the word to all people- including icky love-struck people! ;)
I had my last district meeting yesterday and it was so amazing. I have learned so much about the gospel and how to become a better missionary all throughout my mission because of my district leaders. I really am grateful for them and their willingness to serve their missions to bless me in my missionary work. The Lord has called some amazing leaders in the Texas Fort Worth mission and I know that he's lifting Texas to a higher ground! 
One of our recent convert families that was taught about a year ago are getting sealed on the 16th of this month and their little daughter is getting baptized this Saturday so that she can be sealed to her family. Kylie (the 8 year old girl) called me on the phone Monday night and asked me if I will speak at her baptism. We have been helping her prepare because she's been scared to get baptized. It's been such a great experience and I'm grateful I've got to play a part in teaching her some of the gospel. The faith of little children is so strong and I'm grateful for her example in my life.
I love y'all so much and pray that you have a great week! :)
XOXOX-Sister Sylar

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