Friday, November 21, 2014

Tri Squad!

Good Morning, family!
It's been such a great week! It  was so hard to say goodbye to my sweet sister Meiners, but it was so fun to welcome my 2 new companion's into the Denton 4th ward! This week has been challenging, I'm learning so much! But it sure has been fun. Also, it snowed here in Texas last night and it was FREEZING COLD!
When Sister Johnson and Sister Wells first got into the area we had to do a double exchange because one of our sisters was sick. So Sister Johnson and I went and taught an investigator that the elders felt we should teach. She is so sweet, she's a younger woman with 3 kids, a 10 year old a 7 year old, and a 7 month old. As we taught her more about baptism, the sacrament and the importance of having the right authority, we extended the invitation for her and her children to be baptized in December and she accepted! Now, the work starts! We are going to prepare her for her date and help her understand more about the importance of The Gospel of Jesus Christ!
On Saturday night all of our appointments fell through so we tried to go contact some less actives. Nobody answered the door (they probably thought we were crazy walking around in 30 degree weather!) and I felt that we needed to go see a man that Sister Meiners and I taught a while ago and see if he is ready to hear the gospel. As we sat down and talked with him, he brought up some questions he had about the Book of Mormon, we resolved his concerned, listened to the spirit and understood what he needed to prepare to live with our Heavenly Father again. We invited him to take the lessons and come to church! He said yes to both! Sadly, on Sunday he didn't come to church. We called him after to ask why and he said " I was in the parking lot and I sat there for a while and then I saw a man walk in in a suit that was nicer than mine, so I went home." My heart was so sad!!! Really, to think that Satan held him back from coming to church because someone had a nicer suit than him. That darn Satan! I know he will definitely feel the spirit when he comes to church. I don't know when he will come, but I pray it will be soon so he can receive answers to his prayers.
A few weeks ago I also had a prompting that in order to get members involved in missionary work they need to know how. Then I asked myself, how did I learn how to do missionary work? The thought came that I learned most at the MTC! I brought up the idea to Sister Meiners a while ago, talked to the Ward Mission Leader and Ward missionaries and they carried it out! Last night we had the first Denton 4th ward MTC night and it was awesome! We role played to get them familiar with questions we get asked and we talked about things we can do to approach our friends and family about the gospel! I'm grateful for the success I've seen with the wards missionary efforts since I have been here and I know I have been called here for a reason!
Sister Wells and Sister Johnson are awesome. If y'all could be a fly on the wall you would laugh the whole time! :) I'm so grateful for them and I know they have been sent to me for a reason, I have received that confirmation from the Lord. 
I love y'all with all my heart. I pray that you stay safe and become the best missionaries you can be! 
Have a blessed week,
Sister Sylar
p.s.  picture 3- LEG WRESTLING!
Picture 2- MTC Night


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