Monday, November 10, 2014

And then there were 3

Good Morning Family!
It's been such a great week. This week we got transfer information. I will be ending my mission here in Denton and I'm so excited... the crazy news? I'm getting 2 new companions! I'm going to be in my first trio. I know it's happening because I have something to learn for my last transfer. I've always wanted to serve in a trio... I'm nervous but I'm so excited for what's to come!
I met Sister Wells, my Ssister Training Leader companion, earlier this week at MLC. She's so cute and sweet and excited to work. I know that she's being sent to Denton for a reason. My other companion is Sister Johnson. She's new, 3 months out, and is coming from the South part of the mission so I haven't met her, but I'm excited to follow up train her and help her continue to grow as a missionary!
One of the things I have really been grateful for this week is the opportunity I have to work with the Less active members of the ward. I really have grown to love them and because of this love I want them to have the gospel, live it, and feel the blessings that can come from it! I know there are changes that many of them have to make but I also know that the Lord wants all his children to return to live with him again.
When I think of our Heavenly Father and how he will greet us, I think of the parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32) President Ames always shares with us that when we see our Heavenly Father again he will run to us, throw his arms around our neck, kiss our cheeks, and walk with us the rest of the way back into his mansions above. I'm grateful for this knowledge. I know God loves us and wants all of us to return to live with him again! 
Mission Leadership Council was amazing this week! We learned so many things about what we can do to help bring more people to the Savior. Our baptism goal for 2014 was 820. We are too far behind to reach the goal with only 2 months left. But we look back at where we have been... the changes we have made. We now know 1. how to plan effectively 2. how to use time wisely 3. things we can do to improve and 4. the importance of Members in the Work of Salvation. We are proud of where we've been and look forward to where we can go in the Texas Fort Worth Mission! Sister Meiners and I talked in sacrament this week and it went really well! We talked about member work. I was assigned a talk by Elder Oaks from 2001 which talked about 2 things we need to share the gospel... 1. desire 2. divine assistance and 3.know how to do it! As I addressed all these things I know the spirit was helping me say the things that I needed to say! Sister Meiners talk was also inspired. She has truly sprinted to the end of her mission. At the end of sacrament many people came up to us and asked for pass along cards and copies of the Book of Mormon! I'm excited to see what the members do to become better missionaries. I know the area is ready for it!
I'm so grateful for the time I've had to serve with Sister Meiners. She's truly been one of the greatest and most inspiring companion's I've had! We had some rough patches, as all companionship's do, but through it all we set goals to improve our relationship and we talked openly with each other. We both tried our best to make it work and as a result we have become eternal friends. I'm grateful for all I've learned from her and pray that she will take the spirit she has back home to her friends and family! 
I love the gospel, I know it's true. I'm grateful for the time I have to be a missionary, it goes by too fast and I'm not ready to give up. So I will sprint to the end cause I know there are people who are ready to receive the restored gospel.
I love y'all with all my heart! Have a blessed week.
XOXO-Sister Sylar

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