Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Forward, Texas Fort Worth!

Happy Monday, Y'all!
Halloween is around the corner and fall is here in Texas! (probably only for a couple weeks, but it's here!) haha!
This week has been really great! we stayed busy with investigators, members, and exchanges! We are still trying to find people to teach. Make sure to keep my area in your prayers, because I know there are people here who are prepared to receive the gospel! 
I had the opportunity to go on exchange with Hermana Jensen this week. It was really great! I love going on Spanish exchanges and got to learn some new phrases and share my testimony in spanish a couple of times! I served with Sister Jensen in Lewisville when she was being trained and she's grown so much! I'm grateful to be serving with her and seeing the growth she's had in her mission. That's one of the greatest things about being a STL. I love serving the sisters!
We had an awesome joint MLC with the Dallas mission this week on Saturday with Elder Foster from the quorum of the 70. All of the things he said were things that I needed to do to be a better leader and things I want the missionaries I serve to know! It was great to hear him talk about the relationships we need to have for the Sisters (and elders) we serve. He talked about the importance of building a relationship where they can trust you, being in a place where they are comfortable, and showing them your genuine love. I know he was inspired talking about that because just the night before some sisters called and said they were having a really hard time and wanted to meet with us after the Elder Foster MLC. I know that they were able to call us and talk to us because they trusted that we are here to serve them and help them in any way we can! I get to go on exchange with them tomorrow and I'm so excited to hear what they are doing to overcome the trials they are facing right now!
Our Denton Stake Conference was absolutely amazing this weekend! I had the blessing to interpret some of the meeting in ASL (I'm getting my practice, that's for sure!) for one of the deaf Elders. I also got to listen to the Stake President talk about hastening the work and how we can change and choose to be a part of it. Our ward is growing so much in their missionary efforts. I have grown to love the ward more and more every week! It's such a blessing to serve with them. At the Saturday night session, they had a panel of new converts that answered questions about their interactions about the church and how they felt as they took the missionary lessons. It was really cool to hear from them and see how we can work better to get the members more involved in the work!
There are so many things that have been going through my mind this week, I'm grateful for the gospel and the opportunity I have to have the fullness of it. I know this is Christ's church again on the earth and I know the Power of the Priesthood is real.
I love y'all with all my heart. I hope you have a wonderful week! 
XOXO-Sister Sylar 

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