Monday, October 20, 2014

A visit with Elder Cardon!

Hey Family!
Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes! I'm so blessed to have so many people who love and care for me! I loved the cards, gifts, and emails and I'm sending my love back at you in every way possible! 
This week has been absolutely insane! We only stayed in our area on Tuesday and Sunday. Yes, the price you pay for having someone from the first quorum of the 70 in town! It was so worth it! 
This week we had a few lessons with members, and as they were teaching our investigators and less actives, I learned! That's one of the greatest blessings of missionary work, you learn from everyone! I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for members who are willing to work alongside me in the missionary work in Denton! I love it!
We have been working very closely with Domanique. She's doing well. It's been quite a roller coaster for her. We went to see her and her phone got turned off, along with her electricity. She's working hard to keep food on the table and a roof over her head and her children's heads. She's an example to me of a hard working mom! I pray that the Lord will continue to bless her. So, we taught her about the restoration in the dark of her apartment, the invitation to be baptized was also extended. :) The spirit is so strong whenever we have that opportunity to invite. Yesterday, we received a phone call from her telling us that she's not sure she wants to meet with us anymore. Right after dinner we went over there and talked with her. She had found an anti website and was reading some information from it. It's so hard to have people who oppose God and the truthfulness of the gospel. We talked with her, read scriptures, and bore pure testimony of the gospel and how it can bless her life. I pray, and hope that y'all will pray, that her heart with be softened and she will continue to be prepared to receive the gospel. 
My birthday was great! Sister Meiners stuck me in our bedroom for morning workouts and she made me cinnamon rolls, pancakes, bacon, and chocolate milk! I love her so much! She really made my birthday special. ( I realized how much of a birthday diva I am, too! HAHA) The greatest thing about my birthday was having the chance to go to the temple with a family we've been working with and see them be sealed for time and all eternity. :) I know that our families are forever! 
And last but not least... the Elder Cardon Conference was this week! We had a special MLC with him on Thursday morning. We talked about what a council does and how it will really bless us and our future families, etc. I stayed the night in Keller, which was absolutely amazing. I got to see Sister Todd and Brother Todd and surprise them! I also got to go and see Sister Briggs, the old Relief Society president and help the sisters with some of the former investigators I taught that they should go and see! I miss that place! I know I was sent there for a reason.
We had our elder Cardon Conference on Friday, there was so much I learned from him, President and Sister Ames, and Sister Cardon. I know the Lord sent them just for us, to help our mission progress! After the Conference was over, President Ames came looking for me and said "Sister Sylar, Elder Cardon is interviewing a few people and I want him to interview you!" When he said that I was so excited! As I talked with E. Cardon, I learned so much about the power of sealing and how it can bless families! I know the interview was inspired of God, because it answered questions I've had throughout my mission about the importance of being sealed to our families.
I love y'all so much! I hope you have a great week and know that I love you to the moon and back!
XOXOX- Sister Sylar

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