Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The stars at night are big and bright...Deep in the heart of Texas!!!

Hello family!
Yes, it's true. The stars are so much more beautiful when you aren't in the city. I'm loving Denton more and more as I spend more time here. :) This week I was thinking about youth of the church and how much dedication and love for the gospel they have. It's like they have no fear and are willing to do so much to share their testimony. Then I was brought back to a memory of when I was in elementary or middle school. I remember my best friend Sadie coming to the door and I gave her a Book of Mormon and I said "I don't know if you'll read it or not, but this is something that means a lot to me and I know it can bless your life." I still don't know if she's read the Book of Mormon but as I reflect on that experience I think about how I was fearless in sharing the gospel and I hope to always be that way from now on! :)
I had the privilege of going on two exchanges this week with different sisters. The first exchange I got to go to the YSA ward here in Denton and it was a very different experience because it's just on the campus of UNT. It was really neat to teach people my age and be able to relate to them better. But I truly am more grateful to be in a family ward, where I can teach about families being together forever (and where they feed me almost every night ;) ) Hahaha! I also got to bring a spanish sister to our area and work with her a little bit. She's a lot like Sister Coleman (who I miss so much!) and it was great to see how much she's grown since I met her when she first came out on her mission. Her Spanish has come a long way and she's really centered on her mission. 
I don't know if I told y'all, but I was put in the Denton ward where there are ASL missionaries and they are trying to make it a magnet ward for deaf people to come to. It's really neat to meet some deaf investigators and the elders hold an ASL class every Thursday night and we've met some great hearing people who could possibly be interested in learning more. There are so many great finding activities that missionaries have used and we are trying really hard to find new people in creative ways because knocking on doors doesn't work here in Denton, our area is tiny and has all been tracted out. But, I'm willing to do whatever the Lord needs me to do to find the elect!
This morning I was reading in Doctrine and Covenants section 30. One of the greatest things stuck out to me it said "Rejoice, for now is the day of your mission". I am rejoicing! I'm so grateful to be a missionary and I will "reap while the day lasts" because I know it won't last forever!
I love y'all so much and hope you have a great week. Please keep Denton 4th ward members and area in your prayers cause we are ready to find, teach, and baptize! :)
XOXOX- Sister Sylar
The last picture is of me and our investigator M.S. :) Ain't she cute?!?!

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