Monday, September 29, 2014

I'm gonna kill her!

Hey Family!
Don't get too scared about the title of this letter, because it's not bad. But we got transfer calls today and I'm going to kill my first companion. Killing... means that you're their companion when they go home. :) I'm excited cause Sister Meiners is such a great missionary and I learn so much from her every single day! :)
This week has been a little slow and long, but it's okay. I'm realizing how much I love serving in Denton and I'm so grateful for the time I have to be here and help the area grow. I know that there's so much potential here! We are going to have to start from scratch and start tracting to find people, which isn't ideal, but Sister Meiners and I need people to teach! Keep us in your prayers :) Good thing it's starting to cool down here, I love Texas! :)
A couple days ago we were driving to go and make M.S.'s baptism program and we drove past a house where a man was sitting in his garage. As we drove past I had this impression that we needed to go back and talk to the man that was in the garage. I made Sister Meiners pull over (good thing she is patient with me) and we walked back to his house.  He walked inside right when we got there so we knocked on the door and he looked through the window and said "Leave you brochure or whatever, I'm busy!" So.. we did just that. I wrote my testimony in the Book of Mormon because I knew we were sent there for a reason and we left a card with our number on it. I don't know if it had an impact on him, or why we needed to talk to him, but I do know that as we are obedient to the Lord we will be blessed in all things! :)
Saturday was such an amazing and spirit filled day as well. We didn't get out to proselyte, but we had the opportunity to go do a service project in the garden with some members of a Mega Church here in Town (Denton Bible) which I hear preaches against us very actively. It was neat to be a part of it and to see these people open up to learning more about us. I had the opportunity to witness the baptism of a 14 year old girl, Melody, Who I have grown to love so much as I serve her and teach her every week. She had such a change of heart really quickly. She's going to seminary, living the standards and sharing the gospel! You can always tell when someone is getting baptized who truly wants to follow the Savior and live the gospel. The spirit was so strong. We didn't expect many people at the baptism because there was a temple sealing, funeral, and the women's broadcast that day. But... the place was packed with no sitting or standing room. It was probably the most well attended baptism I have been to in my whole mission! :) She had so much support from family, ward members, friends, missionaries, and non members!
Funny thing about the baptism. Sister Meiners only turned on the hot water so when Melody got in she was like.. "This is sooooo hot!" and we were like.. "shhhh... get in the water!" When she came up the elders said you could see steam coming off her face. When she came out and we gave her a towel she said "I know what hell feels like" Bahahahahah! :) Over all, she was so happy and had a different spirit about her after the confirmation on Sunday. It's amazing how much the Lord blesses us to love the people we serve.
I love y'all. I'm so grateful for all you do for me and your prayers! You're in my prayers every day and I wish you well! No more trunky talk, okay? :) I'm consecrated and need to focus on being here in Texas.
XOXOXO- Sister Sylar


Amongst Miracles

Hey wonderful Family!
It's been an amazing week with a lot of trials and a lot of miracles at the same time. I'm just going to jump into it because I don't want to leave y'all hangin!
Last Sunday night I went to bed very discouraged because I felt like I was working hard and I had the faith that Heavenly Father would answer our investigators prayer about the church so she could get baptized on the 24th. While I had the faith, many others didn't and I felt as if the world was against me. I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help me know if I was being realistic or just having false hope. I had an overwhelming feeling that he would answer my prayers and not to worry.
On Tuesday night we had a lesson with M.S., the investigator who is waiting for her answer. We took her on a tour of the church building and taught lesson 5 of Preach my Gospel, which went really well. She told us as we looked at the picture of Christ in the Americas that she knew the Book of Mormon was true. At the end of the tour we sat in the chapel and had a little discussion about baptism and how she can prepare herself. I said "M.S. have you received an answer to your prayers?" In response she said "Yes, I have. I prayed about it and got a really warm feeling in my heart." I got the dumbest smile on my face and she looked at me and said "Sister Sylar, why are you smiling so big?" Hahahah I just told her that I was so happy and I knew that Heavenly Father would answer her prayers. I know I haven't seen huge miracles like many missionaries. But I know this was a trial of my faith, and when I leaned on Heavenly Father and asked for his help, his will was done. This is a miracle to me! :) M.S. will be getting baptized this Saturday at 3 PM.
I'm so blessed to serve in a magnet ward for the ASL elders. I get to interpret music and songs for them once in a while and it's nice to use those skills again. Sister Meiners and I are also trying to get the members more involved in our work and it's so hard. We made a Missionary Tool "Don't Eat Pete" game and have been playing with the families and it has been working well! We are trying to get creative because the area has struggled for a long.
A couple of fun things this week! We got to help with Keep Denton Beautiful on Saturday and help in a garden with the community. I was on exchange with Sister Tilton. She's such a sweet missionary and so fun-loving! I learned a lot from her. 
Last week Sister Meiners and I had a light come on in our car saying our tire pressure was flat, we went and filled it and the next day we were driving down the road and kept hearing a thumping. At first we thought the road was just tough... then we realized the tire was flat! We pulled over and I started to change the tire and then a police man came to save the day! Thank heavens cause we were on our way to an appointment! Haha It was so funny, and the Lord knew we needed to be somewhere so he sent the cop to help us!
I'm so grateful to be a part of declaring the gospel every day. I know the Lord works through me when I am consecrated and obey him with exactness, it's such a blessing to be in the Texas Fort Worth Mission. President Ames is amazing, the missionaries are going forth, and we are working hard to find those who are prepared to receive the gospel!
I love y'all with all my heart and hope y'all have an amazing week! :)
XOXO-Sister Sylar
Tawny e-mailed me about a meat challenge she did. These first three pictures are of that :)


Monday, September 15, 2014

It's fall ya'll!!

Y'all wouldn't believe it, but It's been 60 degrees here the last couple of days, I even had to wear a jacket! it's crazy how the weather is so great one week and changes instantly the next! It's starting to warm up again, but it's been such a tender mercy to have such great weather as a missionary the last couple of days! :)
This week has been absolutely great! We had interviews with President Ames on Tuesday, which is always a highlight of the transfer. I love to hear from him and the insight he has about how we can further the work in our areas! I talked to him a little bit about our struggle with finding new people to teach and how we can find them and he gave me some great insight! I'm excited to start working on some new creative finding ideas... my creative mind is able to work as a missionary! :) YEAH!
One of the amazing things we get to do in Denton is teach a lot of our less active members who are being prepared to have the lessons again! A couple weeks ago a member texted us and told us to come over because there was a less active who lived next door who was at her house! I was on exchange, so the missionaries went over and set up a time for us to come and teach her. I swear if she was an investigator she would be golden! :) She has such great questions, really has a desire to come closer to God, and wants to learn the lessons so she can know "What she's been missing out on" I know the Lord has prepared her to return to the fold of God. This is a miracle! I'm so grateful for what Heavenly Father is doing for us here.
Each week we get to go serve at Our Daily Bread. It's a church that feeds the homeless so we get to help make food and talk with people and a lot of the missionaries have found new investigators from it! :) Everyone knows the missionaries there and are so excited to see us when they come in on Tuesday mornings! I know these people have a great sight of who and what we do as missionaries! 
Yesterday we were visiting a less active who has been in the hospital for a long time. We went with some members and visited with her and shared about the resurrection. I know that we will all be perfected again someday and we will return to live with our Heavenly Father! :) I'm so grateful for that knowledge as well. When we were about to leave I had a prompting to ask her if she needed a blessing. I was nervous because I don't exactly know the situation, but I asked her if she wanted one. She said "YES! I need one really bad". Great thing we had an brother from the ward with us who was worthy to give a priesthood blessing. I can't even tell y'all how blessed we are to have the same power that Christ created the earth with here on the earth today!
It's been a rough week. We are really trying to work with the ward to find more people to teach and help strengthen them. I've never been in an area where I have to strengthen the members. It's tough. Last night, we were talking about our investigator M.S. I wish y'all knew how much love I have for her. It's amazing how quickly you can love someone as a missionary! She's been really trying to gain a testimony of Joseph Smith and Thomas S. Monson. Last night the Young Women's President took her to Standards Night for Young Women and M.S. loved it. She told the President that she is for sure getting baptized! But, she needs your prayers! She's a young girl and has had a hard past. We need support from the ward and faith that she will have the strength and answer to her prayers that she needs to be baptized!
I know the church is true. I know missionary work is hard, but we need YOUR help as members to make the work progress! We can't do it on our own. I'm so grateful to be serving in Denton. I love y'all and pray that you have some great missionary experiences this week!
XOXOX- Sister Sylar

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tawn Tawn

I hope y'all had a great week! I love getting your letters and hearing from you. Thank you for always supporting me in my calling as a missionary and I hope y'all know that you're in my prayers and thoughts often. I hope you're having missionary experiences as well!
This week has been pretty good. Sister Meiners and I are really working on trying to find some people to teach and the Lord blessed us with 2 new investigators this week! :) YAY! One of them was from a list that the missionaries before us left to go and see. She's really sweet and she has family in Montecello Utah who are members. She's been to church before and says she likes it. We are going back to teach her again on Tuesday. I pray that her heart with be open and she was very willing to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if what we taught was true!! There are people being prepared here, I know it!
We also met with a part member family last night where the husband is not a member. K.S. He's got a lot of the same views as us but thinks of them in different ways. He's open to learning more, but told us that he doesn't want to strengthen his faith in Jesus Christ (which makes no sense cause he wants to learn more) Haha. He also thinks he's the gate keeper for Heaven... which hopefully we can work that one out, too! Welcome to Texas!
I had the opportunity to go on exchange with one of the sisters I came out with this week. She's grown so much as a missionary, but still kind of struggles with talking about home a lot. That's hard for other missionaries because we are all trying to be consecrated and worry about the work. I pray that all the missionaries in the Texas Fort Worth mission will have an increased dedication to the Lord when they think of how they can be more consecrated. She's a great missionary and I love her so much.
I also had the great opportunity to go to Mission Leadership Council (MLC) again! I haven't been to one in about 13 months and it was so amazing! The spirit is so strong there and there are so many things that we're doing as a mission to be more effective and miracles are happening! We are trying so hard to find more people to teach and to find the elect! Keep us in your prayers, because we need them! I love  President Ames and I know that I was called to serve with him for a reason! What an inspiring man with so much dedication to his calling and to the Lord!
This week my sweet Sister Tanner had to go home :( It's been hard for me to grasp because she means so much to me and helped me grow so much when we served with each other. With her knee surgery, she didn't recover within the week she was supposed to. So she is back in good ol' Utah recovering. I know the Lord has a plan for her and I'm grateful to see that she's been okay with that plan. I'm grateful for all my companions and what they've done for me. I love them all!
I know that the Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to serve here in Denton. I'm grateful to be his servant, his hands, and as I understand more and more each day who I am representing, I know the lord will bless me so much.
I love y'all with all my heart. Have a great week and change some lives! :)
XOXOX- Sister Sylar

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The stars at night are big and bright...Deep in the heart of Texas!!!

Hello family!
Yes, it's true. The stars are so much more beautiful when you aren't in the city. I'm loving Denton more and more as I spend more time here. :) This week I was thinking about youth of the church and how much dedication and love for the gospel they have. It's like they have no fear and are willing to do so much to share their testimony. Then I was brought back to a memory of when I was in elementary or middle school. I remember my best friend Sadie coming to the door and I gave her a Book of Mormon and I said "I don't know if you'll read it or not, but this is something that means a lot to me and I know it can bless your life." I still don't know if she's read the Book of Mormon but as I reflect on that experience I think about how I was fearless in sharing the gospel and I hope to always be that way from now on! :)
I had the privilege of going on two exchanges this week with different sisters. The first exchange I got to go to the YSA ward here in Denton and it was a very different experience because it's just on the campus of UNT. It was really neat to teach people my age and be able to relate to them better. But I truly am more grateful to be in a family ward, where I can teach about families being together forever (and where they feed me almost every night ;) ) Hahaha! I also got to bring a spanish sister to our area and work with her a little bit. She's a lot like Sister Coleman (who I miss so much!) and it was great to see how much she's grown since I met her when she first came out on her mission. Her Spanish has come a long way and she's really centered on her mission. 
I don't know if I told y'all, but I was put in the Denton ward where there are ASL missionaries and they are trying to make it a magnet ward for deaf people to come to. It's really neat to meet some deaf investigators and the elders hold an ASL class every Thursday night and we've met some great hearing people who could possibly be interested in learning more. There are so many great finding activities that missionaries have used and we are trying really hard to find new people in creative ways because knocking on doors doesn't work here in Denton, our area is tiny and has all been tracted out. But, I'm willing to do whatever the Lord needs me to do to find the elect!
This morning I was reading in Doctrine and Covenants section 30. One of the greatest things stuck out to me it said "Rejoice, for now is the day of your mission". I am rejoicing! I'm so grateful to be a missionary and I will "reap while the day lasts" because I know it won't last forever!
I love y'all so much and hope you have a great week. Please keep Denton 4th ward members and area in your prayers cause we are ready to find, teach, and baptize! :)
XOXOX- Sister Sylar
The last picture is of me and our investigator M.S. :) Ain't she cute?!?!