Thursday, August 14, 2014

Carry On, Carry On, Carry On!!!

Hey Family! :)
It's been so great to hear from you this week! I love getting your letters and pictures cause I get to see y'alls faces!
This week was great, we had zone conference on Tuesday and it went so well! The spirit is always so strong when we learn more about the atonement and how we can continually become better missionaries. I'm so grateful for president Ames and his direction and council on how we can continue to find people who have been prepared to come to the fold of God, whether they've been lost or they haven't found it yet.
On Friday we had to go to the doctor's because Sister Coleman hasn't been feeling well. She was in the office for 2 hours getting blood tests and ultrasounds, so I just sat in the lobby and read the Book of Mormon the whole time ( I won't complain, I love my study time!) When she came out she told me that she has "obstipation" BAHAHAHAH. She has something stuck in her digestive system which is painful for her, but I always make fun of her by telling her she has obstipation. :) ANYWAY, as a result she got put on a medication where she had to be near a bathroom all day and is still on it. So on Saturday I went on my first double exchange. Sister Coleman stayed with the Boyd's and I had the opportunity to go with a member to do some service for an investigator. It went really well. I felt weird not being with my companion- but all went well and the spirit was still there as we helped! Although it was a hard week because we didn't get to work as hard as usual I know that I've learned so much about perseverance, patience, and love for my sweet companion. I'm really grateful to be serving with her.
One of the families we are teaching told us on Wednesday they were going to come to church yesterday. We sat and waited and texted and called and waited some more. They didn't show up- about 10 minutes before sacrament was over they texted us and told us they had slept in. I think this is the first time in my mission that I cried when someone didn't come to church because I knew the testimonies could've strengthened them. I know the gospel can help them through this difficult time in their life. I pray that they will understand the importance of coming to church so they can feel the spirit that is there. There are many disappointments as a missionary, but the miracles always outweigh them. :)
We got to eat with our favorite less active/part member family last night and teach them about the restoration! It was really neat because on Friday morning the 13 year old investigator, D.B. called us and said "I've been looking for my Book of Mormon and can't find it anywhere, can you bring me a new one on Sunday?" I was so happy! Then on Sunday afternoon we got a text from her brother, a less active, that said "I've been looking for my Book of Mormon and can't find it anywhere, I was wondering if you have an extra copy that I can have, if not I will get one." What a blessing. This all stemmed from leaving them a chapter to read out of the Book of Mormon and in their pursuits to read it, they realized they had lost their copies.
I'm so grateful for the tender mercies of the lord. I know he's always there for us to guide and direct us as we further his work. I love y'all and hope you have a great week! :)
XOXO- Sister Sylar

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