Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happy 4th of July!!

Hey Family!
I hope y'all are breaking in your shoes for the fun 5k on the 4th of July! Don't worry, I will be there running it with you next year... you'll see! :)
This week has been great! We had the awesome opportunity to have interviews with our mission president, President Ames, which is always such an amazing blessing to me. He teaches me so much and helps me to know if I'm doing things the way the Lord would want us to do them. When I walked in the room he said "Sister Sylar, you are always shining, whenever I see you and I love it" hahaha if only he saw me on the hard days, he would probably have something different to tell me but as for right now, he's only seen me happy. He also reminded me that 1 year ago this Saturday at 10:30AM I called him to go home... and a year later I'm still a missionary! What a great and hard year it's been. But I'm loving it!
Another sister in my district and I have been begging to be in the 4th of July parade for about... a month. A member in our ward brought it up to us and told us we could borrow their truck and trailor so we called the zone leaders and they called President and he said "of course you can be in it!" It's not become our responsibility to get everything together and we are decorating the float tomorrow. It will be really fun. I'm excited to do it! The theme will be family history work because so many people are getting into it nowadays. :) How exciting!
One of the nights this week we were having a really hard time. We went to see a potential investigator and they let us into their home. We sat there for an hour as they told us that we think the Savior is not enough because we have another book. They sat there and bashed us for quite a while and I felt down hearted and torn down. When we left and dropped our exchange off back at home, I started crying because I haven't had my faith tried and tested like that in a long time. As I started writing in my journal about that experience we received a phone call from a member in the Dallas mission who has a friend who wanted to come to church this week. She said she feels "compelled to learn more about the gospel". We met her on Sunday and she's so awesome! She's ready to have the gospel in her life and so is her 16 year old daughter! I'm so excited to start working with them. I know the Lord knows me and my trials right now and he's finding ways to bless us in our efforts to find people to teach!
I'm grateful that I have the time in Texas to serve the Lord. Thank you for your continuous prayers on my behalf and the love you show me by word and action! :) I'm so blessed to have y'all as my wonderful family. I know the Lord is blessing us all as we live the gospel and share it with others. Enjoy Independence day! It's a gift the Lord has given us to have our freedom! I love y'all so much and hope you have a great week!
XOXOX- Sister Sylar

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