Wednesday, July 9, 2014

FloMo for Life!! :)

Hey Family,
Guess what? I'm staying in Flower Mound for another 6 weeks with Sister Coleman! I'm so excited because I know our area is just breaking out and we're starting to find people who are being prepared for the gospel as we work with the members!
This week wasn't very exciting because we worked on our float every day until Friday! It was so fun, though! Another Sister and I asked our zone leaders a couple weeks ago if we could do a float in the 4th of July parade about Family History. They kinda shrugged it off and then we were talking with members in our ward and they brought up the idea and offered their truck and trailor for us to build a float on so we could be in the parade. We called the zone leaders, they called President Ames and we were able to make a float and be in the parade! I thought we would have the whole thing done in 2 hours, but I was so wrong. We worked on it every day, I think in total we worked 15 hours on the float and it turned out so cute! We had 2 families help us and some youth helped pass out candy.

Many people told us that more people watched the parade than were in it so we weren't expecting much. By the end of the parade we were drenched in sweat and all hot. There were so many people there it was insane! I was exhausted all week because of the work we put into it but it was a huge success!
We got many snide comments like " You didn't know you'd be running huh?, where are your bikes?" or some people would give out FamilySearch cards back and say "we don't want to waste your marketing" etc. But it's okay! We get antied every day, but we know it's all good! It was a great experience and we are hoping the church gets some visits to the website and possibly some new people to teach, if not... we know the seed was planted and I'm most grateful for that!
It's so amazing to see the ideas the spirit puts into your heart and mind while you're a missionary. And when you act on those thoughts even more blessings come! I know that I've been sent to the Texas Fort Worth mission for a reason! We are seeing so many miracles here right now. I also know that I've been sent to Flower Mound to help the people here find the gospel and learn more about it. Yes, the area is tough and people are set in their faith, but that makes finding people who are ready even more worth it. That's when you know the Lord truly does have his hand in every part of the work! I'm grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. It's changed my life now and forever. I know the Savior loves each and every one of us and has made it possible in many ways for us to return to live with him again. I love y'all so much! :) Have a wonderful and safe summer week! :)
XOXOXO- Sister Sylar

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