Monday, June 16, 2014

Miracles haven't Ceased!

Hey y'all!
It's been good to read your emails and see how you're doing. I love hearing from y'all and seeing how life is going! I really appreciate knowing that y'all haven't forgotten about me! ;)

This week has been good! We had many opportunities to do service projects and help ward members with some things. The ward is moving to Utah for the summer, so that's nice. We have a skeleton ward with not many people who will be in town for the summer. It's just like Keller, everyone here leaves for 1-2 months to escape from the heat but as far as I'm concerned... I like walking around like a sweat ball talking to people! The free water offers great conversations about the gospel! :)

I forgot to tell you about one of the miracles we saw a couple weeks ago, and If I did tell you I'm sorry for repeating, but it's been continually on my mind because I know that God is aware of Sis. Coleman and I and our efforts in trying to find new people to teach! Sis. Coleman had never been tracting about 2 weeks ago and I also haven't been for about 10 months (it's not too effective in an area like Flower Mound) So I decided to take her on her first tracting experience in the only trailor park in our area. It didn't turn into much tracting because the first door we knocked on we met J. She willingly came out and listened to us as we shared the message of the restoration with her. It was a miracle! She had just finished watching "Courageous" and was telling us that she felt we were sent at the right time. This week she mentioned that she had been praying for 3 months because she wants to go back to church but doesn't know where then "two girls showed up on my doorstep" and she's been open to the gospel the whole time!
She explains the spirit as a "clunk" because she feels that things make sense. :) She has a hard time getting to church because she's nervous and doesn't get around too easily. We extended the baptismal invitation to her on Wednesday and she said yes! When she knows it's true, I know that J will follow the example of the Savior and be baptized. I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to see such an amazing miracle and work with someone who loves us so much.
You wouldn't believe what she gave me either... ready?... A JAW HARP! and a kazoo and harmonica. Hahahah I'm excited to learn how to play the jaw harp, it took me about 10 minutes to figure it out, but it will be a fun hobby to take up during lunch and at night before bed! ;)

I'm grateful to be a missionary for the church that Christ established when he was on the earth. I'm grateful for the support I have, the prayers that are said on my behalf and I'm especially grateful for my Heavenly Father's love for me. He knows me to the T and I know that he's always here to strengthen me each day. I hope y'all have a good week! Y'all are in my prayers and I love you so much!
Sister Sylar

P.S. We helped clean out a garage that had a car owned by Marilyn Monroe in it! :) I sat in the seat with the other sisters. Hahahah

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