Monday, June 23, 2014

Flomo Sister Missionaries Rock! :)

Hey Family,

Thanks so much for all the pictures and emails this week :) It makes me so happy to see your faces and hear about the things you are doing!

This week was absolutely great! We got to go to Tex Mex twice... ( I know Tori and Stephen would be very happy about that) It's better than any Mexican food I've ever had (except for Grandma Terry's) I definitely will continue to eat it while I enjoy the warm Texas Weather!

We had the opportunity to teach a 17 year old who's been an investigator for quite a while, but it's been tough to meet with him. This week he stopped drinking coffee and tea and is completely living the Word of Wisdom! That was a tough challenge for him because he's been drinking coffee since he was 12 and works at Starbucks. As we were talking about tithing with him, he said he felt the spirit stronger than he has before and he wanted to start paying tithing now! Yesterday, he gave his first tithing envelope to the bishop! The funny thing about our lesson is that we were at a members house and at the end of the lesson he realized his shirt was unbuttoned and said "Maybe that's why I thought I was feeling the spirit!" Hahaha just as a joke, but he's so funny!

As we went to visit J.T. this week she was so excited for us to help her plant some vegetables in her garden! She also knew that I had a muffin mix mom sent me for Easter that I still hadn't made because I didn't have muffin pans, so she bought me some muffin pans so I could make the best Lehi Roller Mills muffins in the world! :) She watched the Restoration DVD by herself twice and said she really relates to Joseph Smith. What an amazing story! I think we all do in some way, but I know J.T. is looking for truth and the best way she's going to find it is by reading the Book of Mormon and praying about all that we teach her.

It's amazing to me the faith that the people here have. I'm so grateful to be amongst miracles every time and most times I feel that I'm being selfish more than selfless because I get to see such great things happen! What a blessing. I truly am so grateful to be serving here in the Texas Fort Worth mission and I'm grateful for my Savior and his mercy, to forgive us all of the things we fall short of every day. I know he loves us, I know his lives and I will continue to be a disciple of him for the rest of my life! :)

I love y'all! Have a fabulous week!

With all my heart from Texas,

Sister Tawny Ann Sylar

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