Monday, May 19, 2014

The realization of a missionary

Hey family!
Thank you for y'alls letters and love this week! I truly feel the prayers y'all say on my behalf and I know my investigators are being blessed by your prayers as well! It was an amazing week. We had Zone Conference on Tuesday. There were some fun things we got to learn, but also some things that helped us realize we need to buckle down and find those who are prepared to receive the gospel! What a nudge of help from the Lord. I know he's helping us every step of the way, he knows there are people ready to hear the gospel and he's letting us know that we need to help him hasten the work in it's due time, which is now! I'm so excited to go forth and find the people who are searching for the truth!
At zone conference we were talking about the importance of everything in missionary work working together, kinda like a golf swing, there are so many steps, but when you put it all together it works! So I got to be a guinea pig. President Ames had an elder and I go up and he gave me a golf club. The elder told me how to hold it and all the things I needed to do to hit the ball. I had so much that I had to do that was on my mind that I couldn't hit the ball! In fact, I missed it twice and then just said "Okay, let me do it my way!" Although my hit wasn't as powerful as the elders, I got to kind of hit the ball. Haha just a funny story, but it helped me to learn that I really have to focus on every aspect of missionary work, not just one.
One of the greatest realizations I had at zone conference was how much time I don't have left! This is probably the saddest realization I've come to on my mission! :( I don't want it to end. President Ames said to us "Elders and Sisters keep asking me for extensions because they say if they knew then what they know now they would do things different. You don't get more time." Then he gave us a look as if to say "do you understand?" Yes, I understood loud and clear. The Lord only has allowed me to stay out on my mission for 18 months! What a short time to share the gospel with full purpose of heart and full devotion. I can promise you that things will be different in my missionary work from here out. I will return home exhausted and take a 5 hour nap! But for now I have to trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not unto my own understanding. Here goes!
This mission is the greatest 18 months for my life. It truly has changed me. I've seen the Lord work through me this week. I asked Sister Chantry a question about some doctrine as we were studying for a lesson with a recent convert on Thursday morning... that night he asked us the same question that I had asked Sister Chantry and we knew the answer because the spirit told us what he needed! We are instrument in His hands as long as we are living worthy of the spirit.
Please look for someone who needs the gospel in your life! Invite them to learn! Show them the happiness that can come from having the gospel and Jesus Christ in their lives! I promise the Lord is preparing people we know and love to have this in their lives. I love you, I pray for your missionary experiences and success. I hope you have a wonderful week!
Sister Tawny Sylar
P.S. One of the cute girls at Copper Hills who was a sophomore in my Seminary class when I was a Senior is on her mission here with me in Texas! :) She's serving in the Keller 2nd ward (my old area)! She's so cute.

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