Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Breakin' out the Bikes!!

Hey my favorite and most loved people on earth! :)
Thanks for all the emails and pictures this week, I really appreciated them and loved looking at all of them and reading about how y'all are doing!
This week was really good, we broke out the bikes and only have 2 more days left of not having any miles! I can tell you one thing, I better be losing this Texas 10 lbs for all the workouts in the morning and bike riding during the day. It's icky to show up at a members house with your hair drenched in sweat! But, thank heavens, they love us anyway! :)
Thing went really well this week. We started teaching a new investigator, R.A. she's a young woman in our ward's friend who is looking for a church right now. We have taught her at the member's home 2 times and the spirit has been so strong. On the first lesson, we were able to invite her to be baptized and she accepted the invitation! So as we keep teaching her we are hoping that her testimony grows and we can set a date for her to make that sacred covenant. The second time we taught her the Plan of Salvation. At the end of the lesson I asked her what she thought about the plan our Heavenly Father has for us and she said "This is so beautiful, it's the happiest thing I've ever heard." I know the Holy Ghost is testifying to her of the truthfulness of the message that we share. I'm so grateful for the members here in Flower Mound and the opportunity I have to work with them and help them with their missionary efforts! It's a very different way of working here, but it is so wonderful and worthwhile, even if we are just planting seeds!
We had dinner with a family who is brother's with a family in Keller that I served with! :) It was so awesome to hear how they're doing and what's going on in the Keller area! Whoo! Things are going so great and I'm so grateful that the Lord is using us (Texas Fort Worth missionaries) as an instrument in his hands! Our ward council is amazing. As we sat down and talked yesterday, we took an hour discussing how they could help us find service opportunities and they could help us find people to teach. They are trying to get the members to ask their friends to feed us, which would be SO cool! I will have to give y'all an update about what happens with that! We also did a lot of service this week and we found out that is one way to find some great people to teach!
We helped a woman with MS paint her bedroom and do some yard work and on Saturday we got to go help with "Keep Flower Mound Beautiful" and paint the outside of a disabled vet's home. It was really cool. We were the last ones there and were talking to the owner of the house for a little bit. She asked "Why are y'all called sisters" So we got into a great gospel conversation and gave her a Book of Mormon. It's small and simple things that help us share the gospel with those around us! I wish I would have realized that more when I was at home.
I know that God lives, he loves us! I know he has a plan for every single one of his children. I know that as we strive to be good examples and disciples of Jesus Christ, the Lord will open the hearts and minds of those we love so we can share the happiness we have with them! I'm grateful for my mission. I have had the opportunity to gain such a great relationship with my Savior and learn more about him. I hope y'all have a blessed week and can't wait to hear from you soon!
XOXOXOX- Sister Sylar

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Flower Mound

Hello wonderful family! :)
I don't even know where to start about this week. It's been quite an adventure but very nice for me to grow and learn the new area and work with Sister Chantry. She is so funny and fun to work with. I know the Lord has put us together for a reason!
It was tough to say goodbye to River Trails and Sister Porter, but I know they are doing amazing things there and the work is progressing. Now it's time to get Flower Mound on the road! We live outside of our area and it's about a 2.5 mile walk to get there. We got an elder's car... and they used all the miles. So right now we are walking a lot and asking members for rides. I have some pretty cute missionary tan lines and I'm loving it! :) Haha
The ward is absolutely amazing and so missionary minded! It reminds me a lot of Keller and I know I'm going to get attached to the members very quickly! Many of them have sister Missionaries serving right now. So it's been fun to get to know them better. There has only been 1 convert baptism in this area in the last 3 years! But, there are so many people who are ready for the gospel. It's going to happen! Even if we are just planting the seeds for the area to grow.
When we got here on Wednesday we had to area map, no car (we are out of miles) and no food. We were stranded in our apartment for about 2 hours because our phone didn't work either. We had to wait for the Zone Leaders to come and bring our stuff and the other sisters to bring our area map and ward roster. Haha that was really funny. It's not fun to be unproductive when you want to be productive in a new area. But right after we got the information, we were off to work!
The first day I accidently shut Sister Chantry's head in the Freezer and then about 5 minutes later I walked into the freezer door. I'm pretty much still accident prone, don't worry! I haven't changed much! Hahah
Our recent convert, F.R. Is really awesome! He was found by a former bishop who he's renting his house from. He learned and got baptized in 3 weeks! We met him for the first time at church yesterday. Then we only have 1 investigator- G.T. He's so awesome! I guess he walked into the church a couple weeks ago and said "My friend is always happy and I came here to see why he's always happy" pray for his mom, her heart needs to be softened a little bit more before he can be baptized! Yesterday at church, during Sacrament the bishop got up and said "This is a happy day for the Flower Mound 1st ward, we have our own set of Sister Missionaries!" Haha the ward is so excited to have us here and we are getting bombarded with food and sweet people!
At the end of church after Relief Society, one of the members pulled us out really quickly and introduced us to his daughter and her friend. His daughter said "This is my friend... she wants to have the discussions"... I never thought missionary miracle stories happened, but they really do! We set an appointment to teach her on Tuesday night. I'm so excited to see who the Lord has and will continue to prepare to hear the gospel. Mostly our missionary work here will be helping the members and hopefully teaching their friends!
I hope y'all really enjoyed your Easter Sunday We cracked confetti eggs on each other in the morning and then got ready for church. I know that this Easter was a special one for me. I got to study even more in depth about the life of the Savior and his sacrifice and his resurrection. I felt the spirit stronger than I ever have before. I know the Savior Lives. I know he loves each and every one of us. I'm so grateful for his atonement and that because of Him we can live with our Heavenly Father forever after this life. I'm a disciple of Jesus Christ now and forever. What a great opportunity I have!
I love y'all! Hope you have a great week!!
XOXOX-Sister Sylar

Monday, April 14, 2014


Hey Family!
Are you ready for some exciting news? I get to pink wash an area! If you are unfamiliar with that lingo... I get to take over an area where elders were serving this transfer. My new companion is in my district right now. All of this is unexpected. But I'm so excited for the adventures that will follow! I know the Lord has a lot of work for me to do in Lewisville/Flower Mound. It will be a wonderful experience. I'm grateful for the trust the Lord has put in me to do His work! What a crazy ending to such a wonderful area. I feel like I didn't get to spend enough time in River Trails or with Sister Porter. But I know that the lord has another plan! Onward, Christian Soldier.
This week has been really great. I got to go on exchange with my Sister Training Leader... Sister Bingham! Yes, my old companion. It was so great to go and see how missionary work is in her area and the things they do to keep the work going. It's great to see her grow as a missionary and I'm grateful for the time I got to serve with her in Keller, she truly has helped me become the missionary I am today.
Sister Porter is training a new missionary in our area starting on Wednesday! I'm so excited and happy for her. It's her first time training and I know she will be wonderful at it! She had some meetings and I got to go work with the other sisters in my district while she went there. But... long did I know that one of those other sisters is my companion for this transfer! Her name is Sister Chantry. She is so funny and I'm so excited to work with her a little more one on one. She's a great missionary and has been in her current area for 7 months! Woof. Hahah That's a long time!
Saturday Morning we were able to go to the temple and witness C. B. (Recent Convert) do baptisms for the dead. It was so rewarding to see him scan his temple recommend as a worthy member of the true church. He said he really felt the spirit, that's part of the reason he joined the church... because he learned about baptisms for the dead! He also got to speak at President Ames Fireside last night and bore his testimony about the truthfulness of the gospel. Now I know how it feels when I make mom proud... I'm so proud of him and his growth in the church!
K.K. was baptized on Saturday! Her mom flew into town just to watch her get baptized. It was so awesome! Her mom was crying and she cried a couple times while we did the musical number and after her confirmation on Sunday. The spirit was so strong, I know they felt it! I know that she's so happy because of the changes she's made to her life to be a part of the gospel. What a great church we are a part of! I'm so grateful for it.
Well... that's the week of Sister Sylar. I'm so grateful for the time I've had to serve in River Trails. I know the Lord had a reason for me to be here and has a reason for me to go to Flower Mound! I know that the Lord Lives! He died for us and he broke the bands of death. Because He lives, we will live too! :) Happy Easter. I love y'all!
With all my Texas Heart,
Sister Sylar

Monday, April 7, 2014

Tawny didn't title this one hehe :)

Hola! :)
Man, I'm starting to get my Spanish and English mixed up... oh, wait... am I an English speaking missionary? You bet I am! The language I speak is the spirit! ;) It's been so great to hear from y'all this week. Thank you for your uplifting emails and the update on y'alls lives! I love to hear how things are going. This week was very good. Sister Porter and I are starting to work with our members more closely and it's been such a blessing. It just feels right to sit down with them and help them understand that we are all in this together and we're here to help them, too! There are so many people who are prepared for the gospel in the area I'm serving in and I'm grateful to be a part of the work of Salvation, especially to be here in Fort Worth. There are hard time and easier times, but I know that God's hand is in all of it.
Katie had her baptism interview this last week and.. SHE PASSED! She will be getting baptized on Saturday night. Keep her in your prayers. She's the first person I've taught from beginning to end and it's been such a blessing to see her change. She completely gave some things up so she can be a part of this amazing gospel and receive the blessings that come with it! She's such a great example of faith to me and I love it! I hope to see her continue to progress in the gospel even after baptism.
We have been working with a less-active and part-member family since Sister Tanner was here and are starting to teach her husband and kids. It's going to be a slower process, but they are so prepared! Keep the McDonald family in your prayers. I know good things are to come! I also want to share what happened with Prince this week. We went over for a lesson on Thursday and he's decided that he's not ready to be baptized yet. This is such an admirable quality that I love about Prince, he wants to be completely committed before he does anything. I know that someday he will accept the gospel, but for now he wants a break from us coming over. Please keep him in your prayers, I know he can use them at this time!
We went and taught Sharon this week as well.. do you want to know what she said? "When I get baptized..." AH! Then she went on to tell us that she knows it's true and she can't deny it. She watched General Conference and loved it. She said there was nothing in it that didn't make sense or she didn't understand. I'm grateful for the spirit helping us understand things as an answer to prayers! I'm grateful for Sharon's faith and willingness to continue learning more. She talks to missionaries on Facebook all the time and it's helped us out a ton! I know that it's going to be a wonderful opportunity when we get to use facebook and the internet as a proselyting tool!
General Conference as a missionary is always the best thing that can happen all week! We watched it with a member on Saturday Morning and had an investigator, Jeanette, come. She loved it! She wanted to go home and watch all of it. We missed the first 40 minutes of it cause we had it paused and then the channel changed. I was upset and Sister Porter started crying... Hahah I hate to laugh, but it's so funny because we were upset but yet, right after the session we were able to get on lds.org and watch the first 40 minutes again. What a blessing technology truly can be! I loved so many of the conference talks. But I think the one thing that stuck out to me most is how often the General Authorities talked about "this is not the end, but it's only the beginning of eternity." I pondered what they had said, and had the time to think about Grandma and Grandpa Terry. I know they are here on the Errand of Angels with me, teaching about the gospel so others beyond the veil can accept it.
I love y'all and hope you have a great week!
Sister Tawny Sylar