Monday, March 31, 2014

Here comes the Bride!!

Hey family!
This week has been a great week! Things are going well and we are starting to work with the members more. It just feels right to do that! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be serving in the River Trails ward with such amazing people. It truly is such a blessing to be on the Lord's errand! We had the opportunity to go to Katie's wedding on Wednesday. We went to Arlington (right by the Cowboy's stadium) to the courthouse and were there to support along with his brother. It was very neat, but hopefully they will have the chance to be sealed in the temple for all eternity after Katie gets baptized and she's been a member for a year. I pray that that's the goal for the people we are teaching! :)
We discovered that Felicia has moved out of our area! That's okay, though! We sent her information to the missionaries in her area so they can teach her! That would be so awesome to receive a referral who was so prepared to be baptized. I hope that she continues to grow and learn more about the gospel so she can take the first step to return to live in God's presence again someday.
One thing I love about missionary work is I get to do service and get in jeans every week! We serve at the Salvation Army once a week and then this week we did service for a member and raked her leaves. There were so many our whole district of missionaries was able to come and help out. It took us 3 hours and we didn't even get to finish. Sister Bingham was on exchange so she got to do the service with us. It was so great to see an old companion and how much she's grown, too! :) I love being a missionary!
One of the hardest things lately has been the news of Grandpa and Grandma Terry and their passing. I know that the Lord has a plan for his children. I probably sound like a broken record, but he really does! I know that Grandma and Grandpa are teaching the gospel right now. Being missionaries just like they were while they were here on the earth. I'm grateful for a merciful God who was willing to give us a Savior so we could return to live with him again. This gospel can bless so many of us and so many lives. I know it can, I've seen it happen! I hope y'all have a great week. Keep being missionaries and remember that I love you! :)
Xoxox- Sister Sylar

Monday, March 24, 2014

Onward Christian Soldiers

Hey Fam Bam!
It seems like the weeks are getting tougher in the area I'm serving in! But we are working through it. Right now we are trying to start from the bottom and build up. Bottom, meaning finding new people that the Lord puts in our paths to receive the gospel. It as a tough week emotionally for me, but I know that through the storm, there is always a rainbow. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us this upcoming week. I know that as we continue to be obedient and work hard we will see miracles!< br/> A couple things I can share with you this week that have really opened my eyes. The first being... my attitude! You may think this is strange, but attitudes are everything on the mission. Every morning it's tough to get out of bed when you're tired and get motivated to go out and talk to people who sometimes don't want anything to do with you. (Sometimes they see you and run inside :) ) Hahah I don't know why, I think we are pretty cute. We got called "Fly lookin' missionaries" the other day! I've realized, as I have multiple times in my life, that my attitude effects the work I'm doing and it's something that I need to continue working on so we can be happy and motivated to see the people who need the gospel! The best part of missionary work is teaching, and you only spend about 2 hours a day teaching.. maybe more if we have more appointments.
Our area is doing really well, there are many prepared people. But we are also seeing that the people we are working with aren't progressing or making an effort to progress. My heart grieves for them as we continue to teach them and try to let them know the blessings of the gospel. I know that the Lord is preparing knew people and as we continue to work with those that are struggling, he will help them. He has the master plan. He's the master of all truth. We also get the wonderful opportunity to go to the temple with Chris on Saturday while he does baptisms for the dead! It's a new mission rule and I'm so excited to support him in making that next step and going to the temple! It will be a neat experience. Katie is now getting baptized on April 12th so her mom can fly in from Philidelphia to see. It will be really great to meet the woman who brought up such a fun-loving woman that we are teaching! The other night... we went to teach her and she wanted to play with her make-up on my face. After that she put a mask on my face and I had to teach a lesson while it was cracking off... I guess there's a first for everything, right? ;)
Sister Porter has taken it upon herself to talk during her sleep the last couple nights. It's so funny. I wake up to her laughing hysterically and she told me that last night she knew she was in a dream and we were teaching a lesson... so I think she almost started teaching a lesson in her sleep. Probably because we were so emotionally and physically tired this week.
Thank you for your prayers for me, our investigators and my area! I know the Lord is answering them and we are seeing miracles happen every day. Although sometimes we get discouraged, I know that the Savior has felt the same thing. I'm grateful for his sacrifice and I always remember that His grace is sufficient! This is such a great article about the atonement! Look it up and I promise you will feel the spirit as you read it!
I love you, I hope you have a wonderful week! Y'all are always in my prayers!
XOXOXO- Sister Sylar

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fam Bam!

Hey Family! J
It’s been quite the week here in Texas! The weather was really hot and is finally starting to warm up! What a blessing, I hope it stays this way for a while cause I don’t miss the Texas cold, it goes right through you!
Our area is doing really well as always, the only thing that really stinks is so many of our appointments are falling through and it’s embarrassing when you have a member with you! Haha don’t worry, we always plan to have other people to teach so we keep the work going and stay busy! I don’t know how I’m still going, after 9 months you’d think I’d be burnt out, but I’m like the energizer bunny! I know the Lord is giving me the strength to do His work!
Last week we met a super elect young lady, her name was Brittany. We went and taught her on Saturday after we got caught in a huge rain storm and were drenched from head to toe! The lesson was so amazing and the spirit was strong. She decided she wanted to come to church on Sunday, so we arranged for a member to go and pick her up. We had also talked to her mom before and taught her about the restoration. Early Sunday morning we woke up to a text that said neither of them were interested and we had to cancel the ride and just move on with hope that Heavenly Father will send us more people to teach! Either way, I know that a seed has been planted and I hope some day Brittany and her mom will receive the restored gospel in their lives!
On the bright side, Katie and Prince are doing well! We are working with them often and the thing they struggle most with is coming to church! Which is actually really important! So we’re trying to bring the spirit of church attendance to each lesson we teach. Katie is getting married on the 26th so she can be ready to be baptized on the 29th. She’s so sweet and so excited to be baptized and follow the Savior. She really was a miracle to find! Her fiancĂ© was baptized in Africa many years ago and one night we went to go see him and he said “Perfect, my fiancĂ© is here and she’s not a member”. Since then, we have been able to teach her and help her realize that the gospel really can change her life!
We had interviews with President this week as well. I love him too much! J He really is an inspiration to me and makes me want to be a better missionary. At the end of our inspiring interview as we were getting ready to pray he said “Sister Sylar, I want you to notice something… in our last couple interviews you have sat at the end of your chair with your hand on the chair, bouncing your legs. You haven’t done that today, you’re at peace and I’m proud of where you are at.” I can’t tell you enough how grateful I truly am to be part of the Fort Worth Texas Mission! Miracles are happening here and I’m grateful I stuck out the hardest time to enjoy the mission life.
We had the chance to attend the temple today. It was wonderful! I’m so grateful to have a place to go and feel peace and joy in my life even when I’m getting discouraged in my missionary work. The Lord knows us, and the best place to reflect on that is in His house. So much missionary work is taking place, not only as missionary’s share the gospel but also as members go to the temple and perform saving ordinances for those who have passed away!
Thank you so much for y’alls love and support. I truly wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you! I love you! Have a wonderful week!
XOXOXO- Sister Tawny Sylar

Monday, March 10, 2014

Entering the Waters of Baptism

Hey Y'all! Thank you for your letters, emails and packages this week! Holy cow, can you believe I hit my halfway mark in 2 days! Time flies too fast when you're sharing the gospel! But I love every second of it, although it can be hard at times! Things are going really well here in River Trails! There are a couple wonderful things that happened this week I would love to share with y'all! On Tuesday we were teaching our investigator, Katie, about the Word of Wisdom and The Law of Chastity (SCARY!) And she took is so well! She's been working so hard on living the Word of Wisdom and feels like her energy is gone, but I know in the long run it will really help her. She actually told us, after we taught the lesson, that the day before her doctor told her that she needed to stop doing a lot of the things that were on the list of things we refrain from! What a miracle! That just shows me how in tune with the spirit Joseph Smith really was. The Word of Wisdom didn't only help people then, but I know it can bless lives now! Also, she is planning to get married in the next 2 weeks so she can be baptized on March 22nd. I know that as we work with her and continue in faith, the Lord will show us so many miracles! On Saturday we had Liz and Blake Holland's baptism. What a wonderful sight to see two of God's children take the first step to eternal life with our Heavenly Father! Sister Porter, Mikaela (youth in the ward) and I all sang a special musical number and the chapel was full of support in their decision! I know that prayers and fasting really work to soften hearts and to help us do the things that Heavenly Father asks of us! :) I love being a missionary. I can't say it enough! on of the hardest things about this area is finding people rides to church! I never thought that would be so tough and I never thought I would have to do it! But it almost seems like you become such a burden on the ward! But, I know that when those investigators get to church they feel the spirit, and that's what is most important! I'm so grateful for the ward members who help out and know the blessings that the gospel can bring to these wonderful people! This last week has opened my eyes a lot to the Charity I need to have in my missionary work. If God is no respector of persons, I need to be the same! :) Sunday morning we received a phone call at 7 in the morning of a less active who wanted to come to church! I've never had that happen before and it was so neat to see her there after years of inactivity! The lessons were perfect for all who attended this Sunday, seriously, I don't know if I couldn't ever doubt that our Heavenly Father knows us personally! I love y'all so much and hope you have a great week! :) Be great examples and share the gospel!

XOXOXOX- Sister Tawny Ann Sylar

P.S. I saw Brother and Sister Todd last night at a devotional! :) I love them!

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Stars at Night...

Hello Wonderful Family! Thank you so much, again, for your emails and love and support! I'm so grateful to have y'all in my life to keep me going each day! This week has been wonderful! We had lots of opportunities to serve and teach people the gospel! We got our transfer call last Monday night and also couldn't sleep after the call. I love President Ames, his testimony seriously touches my heart and makes me want to become a better missionary. I know he's been called as a servant of the Lord to help me in my missionary work! Sister Tanner is leaving me and Sister Porter will be my new companion! I'm so excited to serve with her. I've met her before and she's such a sweet heart, I know the area will flourish with her testimony! One of the worst things about transfers is saying goodbye to a companion who you have grown to love so much. I truly and grateful for the time I've had to serve with Sister Tanner. Her testimony has strengthened mine and her hard work has rubbed off on me. I love her and know she will do amazing things in her next area! I know the Lord knows each of us personally because of the companions he has sent me! I'm surprised they've been able to put up with me ;) But they have taught me more about the person I want to become! I went on exchange with 2 sisters in our district on Friday, that was really fun. We met a lady in our area who wouldn't take the card I was trying to give her... and for some reason I wouldn't take no for an answer. So I tried to persuade her and she kept saying no. So... the clever missionary I am, I said "Can we share a scripture with you?" And she said "YES! come into my apartment." Haha she wouldn't take a card, but she let us share a message of the gospel with her. I'm grateful that the spirit softened her heart and I hope it taught her about how important the gospel truly is. Here's the funny part. After we shared she said "God told me I need to sing you a song" We got a good 5 minute gospel song about Charity. Hahaha what a funny and great experience, oh how I love Fort Worth! Liz and Blake Holland are preparing to be baptized this upcoming Saturday! They are so wonderful and are so excited to be a part of the true church! Blake bore his testimony yesterday and said "It's surreal that I'm finally getting baptized this Saturday after years of waiting". I know that the Lord knows where we are needed and missionaries and when! I'm so grateful for the miracle I have seen take place with them! What a wonderful calling I have! Gretchen, our recent convert, also bore her testimony for the first time yesterday! She's so cute and loves the gospel. She just received a calling to be a ward missionary and comes out on exchange with us about 2 times a week! What a dedicated new convert! I'm so grateful to be a servant of the Lord, a disciple of him and His hands on the earth today! I know God lives, I know he loves us each individually. I'm grateful for all I have and all y'all and your support. Have a wonderful week! With all my love from Texas, Sister Tawny Sylar