Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Gospel is a Blessing!

Hey Family! Thanks so much for your emails and love this week! I truly appreciate your love for me and comforting words since the news about Grandpa Terry. I know he's doing well and sharing the gospel right next to me! This week has been really great. I can't think of anything so extraordinary that happened that y'all would love! We went to a lesson the other day and basically got anti-ed... but now have a baptism date for her! Haha it's funny how the spirit can soften people's hearts. I'm so grateful for that! Zone conference was on Tuesday and I wish I could tell you how wonderful it was. We receive so much revelation from those meetings and learned so much about how to become a better missionary and help us reach the goals we have for the Fort Worth Texas Mission! I'm so glad to be a missionary here and teaching these people right now! Sister Tanner and I also won cleanest car award! We spit shined that thing until our teeth were gone ;) Just kidding! Our ward mission leader took at temple trip with some people who are planning to get baptized and Prince was able to go :) We've been teaching him since I got here and he's getting baptized on March 8th (as long as we keep working hard!) He loved the temple and said the spirit was so strong on the grounds. He learned so much about what we do in the temple and loved it! It's so true that the temple has such great blessings, even if we just go on the grounds the world melts away! I'm grateful for that. Take advantage of going to the temple as much as you can! I wish I could go more often, but I know my missionary work is important for the living right now! The sisters have been teaching a woman, Jeanette, for almost a year and she came to church for the first time yesterday! She's so funny. We invited her a couple weeks ago but she bailed out because she thought it would be too quiet. When she came yesterday she fell asleep during sacrament (she goes to dialysis and had taken medication that makes her drowsy) and then started snoring and Sister Tanner and I were doing all we could to not just giggle out loud. But, she stayed for all 3 hours and loved it! She's planning to come again and we keep saying "Jeanette, are you ready to get baptized?" and she says... "I don't know yet". Haha she makes me laugh so hard and I love her to death. This last week I've been so happy, I know the happiness is coming from my Heavenly Father. I know that the gospel blesses families! I know that as I watch these people make changes in their lives to come closer to our Heavenly Father he blesses them! I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can lift the hands that hang down and help people know that our Savior Lives! I'm grateful to be serving the Lord, teaching the people in Fort Worth everything that I know and learning for myself as I do it! I'm grateful especially for the Plan of Salvation. I have had so many opportunities recently to ask if it's true and have received, many times, my answer. It brings me so much comfort! Thank you for your love and prayers, I truly love y'all and am grateful for all y'all do! Have a great week! With all my love from Texas, Sister Tawny Sylar

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