Thursday, February 6, 2014

A week of Trial

Dearest Family,
Mondays always seem to come fast, but they are so needed some weeks! I'm grateful for the emails I have received and the love have felt from y'all through them! I know that Heavenly Father placed y'all in my life for a reason and I hope you know I love y'all!
This week was probably the toughest week I've had since I came to River Trails. Things went well, but emotionally it was draining. We taught a Law of Chastity lesson to a very well progressing investigator who was living with a less active member. After that lesson they texted us and told us they want to take a break from learning and will let us know when they want to learn more. That's really hard for a missionary who thinks about, prays about and does things for a person every single day. I have truly grown to love this couple and want them to be happy and know they can be together for time and all eternity. But I also learned another great lesson. God has commandments and laws that we have to follow. Elder Bednar says "Sin, even if legalized by man, is still sin". I know that's true. I know that we have to show our Heavenly Father we are willing to align our will with his to receive of the blessings he wants to give us.
Among the trials that have happened this week have been the greatest of miracles as well. We taught Felicia about the Restoration of the gospel and the next time we went back to her house she told us about her prayers with Heavenly Father. She said she got on her knees after we left at 8 pm and prayed until 3 am. She has such a desire to learn and know that the gospel is true. As a result, she plans to get baptized on the 22nd of February. What a blessing I know the gospel will be in her and her family's life!
For those of you who don't know, on Sunday Morning during studies I received a phone call from my mission President. He was calling to inform me that my Grandma Terry has been diagnosed with Bioduct Cancer and we aren't sure how long she has until she returns to our Heavenly Father. In the most loving way, he gave me the option to call home or not. I couldn't decide at that moment, I was at peace but also wanted my grandma to know how much I love her. When I hung up the phone I immediately got down on my knees and prayed harder than I have every before so that I may have direction and so my family and grandma would feel comfort. Throughout the day I prayed to know what direction I needed to take and my heart tugged and calling grandma, but I still wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do. When we returned home, I called President Ames to see what he thought would be best in the situation. I know the spirit told me the right thing to do because President told me he wanted me to call grandma.
Grandma has always been the greatest example of missionary work to me. We joke around that she should always carry a Book of Mormon around with her because she lets everyone know that she is Mormon. She's so positive and knows that Heavenly Father has a plan for her. When I talked to her last night, even more peace came to my mind and she was as happy as she's ever been! I know the spirit has comforted me and is helping my grandma and my family through this time in our lives.
I'm also grateful to be serving a mission when I received this news. I teach this every day, I know it and I love it. I know that God has a plan for all of his children. I know that my grandma can receive a place in the Celestial Kingdom with our Heavenly Father because of her faithfulness to the gospel and her testimony. I know that although we have trials, we are given them to show that we will cling to our Father in Heaven. I'm grateful for the everlasting gospel, the truthfulness of it and the time I have to share it.
I pray that the spirit may be with you as you go about your week, look for opportunities to serve and share the gospel. I love y'all with all my heart!
Until next week and with all my love from Texas
XOXOX- Sister Tawny Sylar

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