Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Lord's Children

Hello family! It's been so great to hear from y'all this week and see how you're doing. Things are so great here in Texas. It's 70 degrees outside today which I don't think has ever happened in January for us before... shocker! :) I love the weather here, but I also miss the white snow in winter! Whoo, what a great week of missionary work! We got to teach many people and had the opportunity to use a finding activity that came to my crazy mind a couple of weeks ago. Ready for the fun news? We had to get permission from President Ames, but we painted the Plan of Salvation on our car windows and parked in a Parking lot and grabbed people before they went into the store and shared a little bit about Heavenly Father's plan for His children! It was awesome, we found some great people who were interested, unfortunately they don't live in our area. But I know that the Lord needed him to hear that message and the missionaries who get to teach them are going to share with them the happiness we know and love. We have plans this week to paint a rock. We want to work with the members more (although they help so much already) so we are painting a rock with a big "R" on it and putting it in the members yard, they can't move the rock until they give the missionaries a referral. :) Getting creative with finding is fun when you're a missionary! On Saturday Chris and Gretchen were able to get baptized :) What an amazing day in the River Trails ward! There was so much love and support from so many people. I wish y'all could've seen their faces after, they couldn't stop smiling and were just so happy. When they were confirmed on Sunday, the spirit was so strong. I'm so grateful to be a part of their stories in coming to know that the church is true. I know that it has blessed their lives already and will continue to bless them as they live their lives! We got transfer calls this morning and everything is staying the same! :) I'm excited to serve another transfer in River Trails with Sister Tanner, we also get to sing in Ward conference next week! We're excited for that. I love y'all and hope you have a great week! XOXOX-Sister Sylar

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