Monday, January 27, 2014

Wait a day, the weather will be different!

Hello my dearest and most loved family in the world!
I hope y'all had as great of a week as we did! It's crazy how mission life is starting to become normal to me and I feel like I don't have much to tell y'all in my letters home anymore! But I will try to keep y'all up to date of everything I enjoy doing out here!
Yesterday was 80 degrees and today is 30. Man, if only y'all could imagine Texas weather, one day we don't have to wear tights and the next we are bundled up in coats and tights. It's crazy, but so funny.
This week we didn't do much out of the ordinary, but I will tell you about one of the most amazing things our mission has done! They put a billboard on the highway that advertises free bibles and the phone number to the mission office is on it. We have been receiving referrals left and right! And it's so cool because we go to these people's homes to take them a bible and a Book of Mormon and we're able to teach them about the gospel! The people are so willing to listen and we have found many people that way!
There is a woman we are teaching, Felicia. She is so fun to be around and always happy! She came to church for the first time on Sunday and just loved it! When we taught her this week she was like "Well, it stinks y'all can only come once a week!" And we were like.. nuh-uh! Let's come every day! Haha of course we wish we could every day, but we are staying so busy teaching people that we can only see her 2 times this week. But that's okay! We also invited her to be baptized and she said she got the chills and she started crying. I love how the spirit testifies in different ways to different people and I know the Lord has prepared her to receive the Restored gospel!
A couple of weeks ago I told y'all about Juan. He's a 17 year old young man who we ran into while trying to contact his dad. We had a feeling the other day to go there and see him, not coincidently he was sitting outside and we were able to see him for the first time since the last time we taught him. I wish I could tell you the miracles we see out here with the Lord's timing. I'm so grateful the Lord knows where he needs us and can send us there! Juan and his girlfriend came to church on Sunday. They said it was very different from what they were used to but they felt the spirit. We also sang in Ward conference on Sunday. :) It was an amazing experience and I'm grateful for it.
We were thinking of ways we can continue finding people and I remember that a missionary in Keller told me an idea they used, so we took it! This week we painted a big rock pink with a big green "R" on the front (it stand for referrals) we are going to start putting it in ward members yard's and we've asked them to pray for someone they can share the gospel with! We hope it's a fun way to get the ward involved.
I truly am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be on my mission. It's true, more happiness is in this calling than anything else I've done in my life so far. I'm grateful for the Savior and his sacrifice for us and his constant hand reaching out to us inviting us to come to him. I love being a missionary, I love the spirit of missionary work and I'm grateful for each and every one of you in my life. Remember that there're people who are being prepared for the gospel all around you and share the things that make you the happiest.
I love y'all and hope you have a good week.
With love from Texas,
Sister Tawny Ann Sylar

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Lord's Children

Hello family! It's been so great to hear from y'all this week and see how you're doing. Things are so great here in Texas. It's 70 degrees outside today which I don't think has ever happened in January for us before... shocker! :) I love the weather here, but I also miss the white snow in winter! Whoo, what a great week of missionary work! We got to teach many people and had the opportunity to use a finding activity that came to my crazy mind a couple of weeks ago. Ready for the fun news? We had to get permission from President Ames, but we painted the Plan of Salvation on our car windows and parked in a Parking lot and grabbed people before they went into the store and shared a little bit about Heavenly Father's plan for His children! It was awesome, we found some great people who were interested, unfortunately they don't live in our area. But I know that the Lord needed him to hear that message and the missionaries who get to teach them are going to share with them the happiness we know and love. We have plans this week to paint a rock. We want to work with the members more (although they help so much already) so we are painting a rock with a big "R" on it and putting it in the members yard, they can't move the rock until they give the missionaries a referral. :) Getting creative with finding is fun when you're a missionary! On Saturday Chris and Gretchen were able to get baptized :) What an amazing day in the River Trails ward! There was so much love and support from so many people. I wish y'all could've seen their faces after, they couldn't stop smiling and were just so happy. When they were confirmed on Sunday, the spirit was so strong. I'm so grateful to be a part of their stories in coming to know that the church is true. I know that it has blessed their lives already and will continue to bless them as they live their lives! We got transfer calls this morning and everything is staying the same! :) I'm excited to serve another transfer in River Trails with Sister Tanner, we also get to sing in Ward conference next week! We're excited for that. I love y'all and hope you have a great week! XOXOX-Sister Sylar

Monday, January 13, 2014

Hey Family! :) It's so great to hear from y'all this week, thank you for your letters, emails and support, they really mean to world to me! This week was very long for some reason. The weather wasn't the best but we still worked hard through the rain! :) We had time to meet many people who have definintely been brought to us by the Lord. We have recieved so many referrals and as we've contacted them they want to learn more! One of them soaks up all we teach her like a sponge! I love it, I know the gospel is true! I'm sorry time is short this week, but we do have 2 baptisms this upcoming Saturday, that will be really great. Chris is super excited and ready to join. If possible, y'all can pray for him. His family is having a hard time with him joining and I know that as we prayed for them and as our Ward Mission Leader put his name in the temple, miracles have happened, but prayers are working! :) I love seeing miracles from the Lord as we pray with faith! We have taught a Muslim couple a few times and we got to go this week and teach them and some of their Muslim friends in their Mosque. That was really cool but also very different. We had to cover our hair and wear our badges of course! They asked some really great questions and we were able to bear testimony about the truthfulness and fulness of the gospel! They pray 5 times a day and people would come in and out to pray, which was neat to see. But I know that I'm a part of the Church that Christ established when he was on the earth and I'm so grateful for that! :) I'm sorry if I don't get to reply to all of your letters this week, it really is a busy day today. but I love y'all so much and hope you have a wonderful week! The Church is True! The Atonement of Jesus Christ can mend any broken heart and I'm so grateful for a loving Heavely Father who guides me every step of the way! I LOVE Y'ALL! :) XOXOXOX- Sister Sylar

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hey Ya'll

Happy New Year wonderful Family and Friends! :) It's been a great and cold New Year here in Texas, but I'm loving every second of it! We are seeing miracles happen every day and I'm so grateful that the Lord is able to use me as an instrument in his hands. We had interviews with our mission president this week, which is always such a great opportunity to meet with President Ames and to feel the spirit and learn things that we can do to become better missionaries. One of the things President Ames asked me to do was set goals for myself so I can see that my effort is not being wasted as a missionary. I've made steps to make those goals realistic and I know that as I call on the Lord for his help and continue to work hard, he will help me to feel the spirit and become better. I'm grateful for the time I have to be on my mission, I wouldn't rather be anywhere else. Sister Tanner and I have been making a goal to make it a habit to ask everyone we talk to for referrals, it's great cause we don't have to tract because we get so many referrals and have so many people that we can go see who are ready to hear the gospel! Although we haven't received many referrals from people we are seeing it in another way. When people submit a name of someone online, we get referrals right away. This week we have so many that we haven't had time to contact them all! What a blessing the Lord is giving us as we continue to reach our goals of asking for referrals! I know He has a hand in our lives and especially our missionary efforts! There are so many people I want to tell y'all about because the work in River Trails is absolutely amazing! But we are working with so many people who are willing to pray to know if the church is true. One of our investigators, Prince, is honestly searching for truth. I can't even begin to explain the journey he is on. It's like Joseph Smith all over again. He was baptized in the church when he was younger in Africa and later in his life started to attend a different church with his parents. We visit him often and share messages about how the Gospel can change his life and he feels the spirit! He's coming a little closer every time to knowing that the gospel is a blessing. I want to share one miracle with you that we saw this week. It had Sister Tanner and I in tears at a doorstep. We went to go see a man that we've taught once before, but when we knocked on the door his step son answered and told us he wasn't there. We started to share a message with his step son and the spirit quickly attended us. Juan is 16 and has gone through a lot in his life. His mom is religious and he's seen so many things happen in his life that have made him who he is today. Trials, loss, tribulations... everything that we've had to go through in this life and more. Sister Tanner and I shared scriptures out of the Book of Mormon and testified of the truthfulness of the Gospel. We taught him about the Savior and the Atonement that he performed for us to be clean to return to our Heavenly Father. We know it wasn't coincidence that we met him and as we stood there and boldly proclaimed the gospel, Juan told us he was shaking (not because he was cold) and he started crying. I'm grateful to my Heavenly Father for placing a prepared Child of God in our path. Chris and Gretchen are still planning to get baptized on the 18th. They are so excited and prepared. Their testimonies are strong. Chris bore his testimony in Sacrament meeting yesterday. I wish y'all could see the miracles I see every day. I know that God has a plan for Every single one of his children. He loves us all the same, He knows us all perfectly. I'm grateful for our Savior, who suffered so much pain, temptation and persecution so we can return to live with our Heavenly Father. I know we are all God's children. If we diligently seek him and "Come Unto Him" I know he will bless our lives. HE LIVES! I love y'all and hope you have a great week! XOXOX-Sister Tawny Ann Sylar