Monday, December 15, 2014

I'll be home for Christmas!

Greatest Family,
Although I'm so excited to see you, I'm sad to be leaving behind what I've come to know and love for the last 18 months. I was reading back through my emails to president Ames from June 2013 where I told him I wasn't doing well and I wanted to go home. I remember clearly the day that I talked to President on the phone and told him I knew I could stay in Texas as the Lord's servant. This journey has been much like the refiners fire. The Lord has shaped and molded me into the person he wants me to be, most importantly, he's made me the greatest convert of my mission. I remember coming out knowing little to nothing about what I would teach and now I have a tremendously improved understanding of why we live the gospel. I remember inviting someone to be baptized the very first lesson I taught with my trainer, Sister Tullis, and being terrified. But now I know the Lord's will and can do it without fear. I think back to the kind of member I was at home and now I know the member I need to be when I return. 
Many people say a mission is the best 18 months of their life, I say it's been the best 18 months for my life. It's made me a lot better and a lot stronger. 
I will never forget the people I have taught. I'm grateful for their faith in Jesus Christ to change their lives to accept God's will. My areas are like my babies. The members have become my family and my investigators have become my life. 
This being my last week, I learned so much. We had the opportunity to invite 4 people to be baptized, all of which are excited to make that covenant with the Lord. My companions taught me everything I needed to know for the rest of my mission and I know the Lord put us together for a reason. President Ames and I sat down for my final interview and we had a great discussion about my future, which was powerful and a most sacred experience for me. I love him. He's a servant of God and will always be a spiritual leader I look up to for the rest of my life.
I bear my witness that God lives. That Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. As his disciple I will forever strive to be like him. I know Joseph Smith restored the Fullness of the gospel to the earth. I know that the Priesthood is on the earth today for the Salvation of Mankind. I know that through the Priesthood, families can be together forever! What a wonderful gift! What an amazing gospel. I have let it change me and will continue to let it change me for the rest of my life. 
I love you with all my heart, See you Thursday, y'all! :)
XOXO-Sister Tawny Sylar
1. Everything is bigger in Texas. I did the King Kong burger challenge with all the elders on Tuesday. 2 buns, 4 meat patties, bacon, and cheese. SICK! Only 2 out of the 5 of us finished it. 
2. Got to play some guitar with one of my less actives for our last meeting
3. Merry Christmas, Y'all! :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A full week of miracles!

My sweetest most treasured family! :)
Thank you so much for your emails this week. I love hearing from you, what you are up to, and how you are growing in your personal testimonies, etc. I've had a lot of time to reflect on my mission this last week for a letter I had to write to President Ames, it's been hard. But one thing I know for sure is that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has changed my life and I'm so grateful and proud of the person I have become, but I still have a lot to go! 
This week was amazing. It was short since I emailed you last so I don't have a ton of things to update you on. We had an amazing Mission Leadership Council on Friday. I learned so much from the other missionaries and from President Ames as we counseled about how we can lift our mission to a higher place. On of the greatest things I learned is how to correct someone out of love. It's something that I've always struggled with as a leader, but I want the mission to progress, so we all have to be open to receive constructive criticism to become better. I often have asked myself this week "Lord, is it I?"  There are a lot of things I still have to work on... patience, humility, etc. I'm grateful that the Lord is patient with me and strengthens me so I can overcome weaknesses.
Our ward Christmas party was on Friday night and there were non-members all over the place! The ward has really taken off in their missionary efforts and have invited so many people to learn about the gospel. All 5 of our investigators came and loved it. We did "Journey to Bethlehem" we helped our Ward Mission Leader make the decorations and the spirit was so strong as we walked from station to station learning about Mary and Joseph, the wise men, king Herod, the inn keeper, and how they all felt on the night the Savior was born. I've had a lot of time to reflect on the Savior and his life during these last couple days and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to share the best gift I've ever been given with others this Christmas season!
We went over the the Stocker's last night to watch the Christmas Devotional with one of our Investigators, Jessie. She's so sweet and loves to call us "Sis" :) her parents are less active and are coming back to church. She really feels like she's at home when she comes to church and says she feels the love of God when she comes. We had our first lesson with her last night. After I shared the first vision, I asked what her feelings were and she said "peace" we invited her to be baptized on January 17th and she said yes. In her closing prayer she said "I don't want to be lead astray anymore and I pray that you will help me know if this church is true." She said one of the most sincere prayers I have ever heard and I'm grateful to witness her growth in the gospel already. I'm grateful for members who are involved in missionary work and do all they can to help people in their area receive the gospel. 
I love y'all with all my heart. I'm grateful for where I've been and where I'm going. I know the Lord will continue to bless us all as we live His gospel and follow His paths. I pray y'all have a safe and blessed week. 
XOXO-Sister Sylar 
1. Cynthia (a LA who is coming back to church)
2. Quita and her kids with me :)
3. Jessie- She's so funny, I love her!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pine Cones and Holly Berries!

Hey Family!
Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support this week. So many great things are happening in Denton! There are people who are prepared to hear the gospel being found by the elders and sisters here. :) I love being a missionary! It's the greatest blessing of my life.
Thanksgiving was really great this year! We got to go to the Mayfield's home! They invited their friend over who isn't a member, she's Buddhist! After dinner we played a little game and then sat down and had a message about the Plan of Salvation because she had a husband who recently passed away. We taught about seeing our family again after this life and being with them for eternity. I asked her if she believed she would see her husband again when she passes away and she said "I don't know." To which I got to bear strong testimony telling her that I know she will! She got a big smile on her face and I think she genuinely felt the spirit. It's so amazing to know that God loves all of his children no matter what religion they follow, they are able to feel the spirit and accept it. But I also know that God wants all of his children to having saving ordinances performed by the right authority and I help to open that gate for the Celestial Kingdom to all those I come in contact with by inviting them to be baptized! :) 
On Friday we started the "He is the Gift" initiative that the church has started. There's a video on youtube and about the Savior and his birth and his importance in our life. We went to the Denton Square and contacted a lot of people and they were so open. Many of them know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and the Reason for the Season. But we had the opportunity to share more of the fulness of the gospel. Funny story- there was a gross couple cuddling on the ground and kissing and stuff... the other sisters dared me to contact them and they didn't think I would... so I did!!!! bahaha after I talked to them the man said "Thank you, Sister Sylar" And then when I walked away they looked at the card for about 5 minutes. I know it was an awkward situation (and really funny) but I know that I'm called to declare the word to all people- including icky love-struck people! ;)
I had my last district meeting yesterday and it was so amazing. I have learned so much about the gospel and how to become a better missionary all throughout my mission because of my district leaders. I really am grateful for them and their willingness to serve their missions to bless me in my missionary work. The Lord has called some amazing leaders in the Texas Fort Worth mission and I know that he's lifting Texas to a higher ground! 
One of our recent convert families that was taught about a year ago are getting sealed on the 16th of this month and their little daughter is getting baptized this Saturday so that she can be sealed to her family. Kylie (the 8 year old girl) called me on the phone Monday night and asked me if I will speak at her baptism. We have been helping her prepare because she's been scared to get baptized. It's been such a great experience and I'm grateful I've got to play a part in teaching her some of the gospel. The faith of little children is so strong and I'm grateful for her example in my life.
I love y'all so much and pray that you have a great week! :)
XOXOX-Sister Sylar

Monday, November 24, 2014

Carpal Tunnell for Days!!!

Good morning, Family!
Oh, it's always so great to hear from y'all and see how you are doing! Things are going amazing in Denton and I'm loving the area and my companions. Miracles are happening and I know the Lord is preparing so many people to receive the gospel in Denton in the coming months.
This week we had an amazing lesson with Quita and her kids. We taught her about the temple a little bit and she said "How do I get there?" and we told her that it's important that she keeps the commitments we leave so she can be baptized. She said "turn the water on warm, I'm running to it!" hahahah I love her excitement to get baptized by someone who hold the proper authority and she's willing to change to come closer to the Savior. They didn't make it to church, which is a bummer! But I know that we can help her resolve some of her fear so she can come to church, partake of the sacrament, and feel the spirit that is there. I love being a missionary! 
Although Quita and he family didn't come to church, we had another miracle happen. The bishop gave us a referral last week for a less active/ part member family. They showed up at church and LOVED it! They all said they felt like they were at home. They were already making plans to come back next week and we will start teaching them after this Thanksgiving week! I'm so excited for the miracles that are happening right now. I know it's because the faith of the members, missionaries, and the Texas Fort Worth Missionaries!
I had an amazing interview with President Ames this week. I told him that my "dying wish" is for him to come on exchange with me (Another sister told me she did that... so I tried it) IT WORKED! Hahah I get to go teach with President Ames on December 11 from 6-8 PM. I'm so excited to work arm in arm with him and feel the spirit he carries. I really love him and know that he's been called of God. Every promise he has ever given me has happened, according to my faith and his. He said "Sister Sylar, I'm excited to teach with you and set a baptism date." WOOOHOOO! Hold on Denton, Sister Sylar and President Ames are coming! ;)
I love y'all so much and hope you had a wonderful week just like I did! Remember who you are and share the gospel!
XOXOX-Sister Sylar
P.S. Pictures are of:
1. Our country photo
2. I went on exchange with members without my companions! :) YEEEHAWW I love the Giblette's!
3. Contacting Picture!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Tri Squad!

Good Morning, family!
It's been such a great week! It  was so hard to say goodbye to my sweet sister Meiners, but it was so fun to welcome my 2 new companion's into the Denton 4th ward! This week has been challenging, I'm learning so much! But it sure has been fun. Also, it snowed here in Texas last night and it was FREEZING COLD!
When Sister Johnson and Sister Wells first got into the area we had to do a double exchange because one of our sisters was sick. So Sister Johnson and I went and taught an investigator that the elders felt we should teach. She is so sweet, she's a younger woman with 3 kids, a 10 year old a 7 year old, and a 7 month old. As we taught her more about baptism, the sacrament and the importance of having the right authority, we extended the invitation for her and her children to be baptized in December and she accepted! Now, the work starts! We are going to prepare her for her date and help her understand more about the importance of The Gospel of Jesus Christ!
On Saturday night all of our appointments fell through so we tried to go contact some less actives. Nobody answered the door (they probably thought we were crazy walking around in 30 degree weather!) and I felt that we needed to go see a man that Sister Meiners and I taught a while ago and see if he is ready to hear the gospel. As we sat down and talked with him, he brought up some questions he had about the Book of Mormon, we resolved his concerned, listened to the spirit and understood what he needed to prepare to live with our Heavenly Father again. We invited him to take the lessons and come to church! He said yes to both! Sadly, on Sunday he didn't come to church. We called him after to ask why and he said " I was in the parking lot and I sat there for a while and then I saw a man walk in in a suit that was nicer than mine, so I went home." My heart was so sad!!! Really, to think that Satan held him back from coming to church because someone had a nicer suit than him. That darn Satan! I know he will definitely feel the spirit when he comes to church. I don't know when he will come, but I pray it will be soon so he can receive answers to his prayers.
A few weeks ago I also had a prompting that in order to get members involved in missionary work they need to know how. Then I asked myself, how did I learn how to do missionary work? The thought came that I learned most at the MTC! I brought up the idea to Sister Meiners a while ago, talked to the Ward Mission Leader and Ward missionaries and they carried it out! Last night we had the first Denton 4th ward MTC night and it was awesome! We role played to get them familiar with questions we get asked and we talked about things we can do to approach our friends and family about the gospel! I'm grateful for the success I've seen with the wards missionary efforts since I have been here and I know I have been called here for a reason!
Sister Wells and Sister Johnson are awesome. If y'all could be a fly on the wall you would laugh the whole time! :) I'm so grateful for them and I know they have been sent to me for a reason, I have received that confirmation from the Lord. 
I love y'all with all my heart. I pray that you stay safe and become the best missionaries you can be! 
Have a blessed week,
Sister Sylar
p.s.  picture 3- LEG WRESTLING!
Picture 2- MTC Night


Monday, November 10, 2014

And then there were 3

Good Morning Family!
It's been such a great week. This week we got transfer information. I will be ending my mission here in Denton and I'm so excited... the crazy news? I'm getting 2 new companions! I'm going to be in my first trio. I know it's happening because I have something to learn for my last transfer. I've always wanted to serve in a trio... I'm nervous but I'm so excited for what's to come!
I met Sister Wells, my Ssister Training Leader companion, earlier this week at MLC. She's so cute and sweet and excited to work. I know that she's being sent to Denton for a reason. My other companion is Sister Johnson. She's new, 3 months out, and is coming from the South part of the mission so I haven't met her, but I'm excited to follow up train her and help her continue to grow as a missionary!
One of the things I have really been grateful for this week is the opportunity I have to work with the Less active members of the ward. I really have grown to love them and because of this love I want them to have the gospel, live it, and feel the blessings that can come from it! I know there are changes that many of them have to make but I also know that the Lord wants all his children to return to live with him again.
When I think of our Heavenly Father and how he will greet us, I think of the parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32) President Ames always shares with us that when we see our Heavenly Father again he will run to us, throw his arms around our neck, kiss our cheeks, and walk with us the rest of the way back into his mansions above. I'm grateful for this knowledge. I know God loves us and wants all of us to return to live with him again! 
Mission Leadership Council was amazing this week! We learned so many things about what we can do to help bring more people to the Savior. Our baptism goal for 2014 was 820. We are too far behind to reach the goal with only 2 months left. But we look back at where we have been... the changes we have made. We now know 1. how to plan effectively 2. how to use time wisely 3. things we can do to improve and 4. the importance of Members in the Work of Salvation. We are proud of where we've been and look forward to where we can go in the Texas Fort Worth Mission! Sister Meiners and I talked in sacrament this week and it went really well! We talked about member work. I was assigned a talk by Elder Oaks from 2001 which talked about 2 things we need to share the gospel... 1. desire 2. divine assistance and 3.know how to do it! As I addressed all these things I know the spirit was helping me say the things that I needed to say! Sister Meiners talk was also inspired. She has truly sprinted to the end of her mission. At the end of sacrament many people came up to us and asked for pass along cards and copies of the Book of Mormon! I'm excited to see what the members do to become better missionaries. I know the area is ready for it!
I'm so grateful for the time I've had to serve with Sister Meiners. She's truly been one of the greatest and most inspiring companion's I've had! We had some rough patches, as all companionship's do, but through it all we set goals to improve our relationship and we talked openly with each other. We both tried our best to make it work and as a result we have become eternal friends. I'm grateful for all I've learned from her and pray that she will take the spirit she has back home to her friends and family! 
I love the gospel, I know it's true. I'm grateful for the time I have to be a missionary, it goes by too fast and I'm not ready to give up. So I will sprint to the end cause I know there are people who are ready to receive the restored gospel.
I love y'all with all my heart! Have a blessed week.
XOXO-Sister Sylar

Monday, November 3, 2014

No Subject.... Thanks Tawn :)

Hey my favorite family!
Thank you so much for your emails and letters this week! I love hearing how y'all are doing! It's starting to cool down here in Texas and it's almost time for me to break out my tights! This week has been great and I have learned so much as a servant of the Lord. The area I serve in is tough number-wise, but I count my blessings and miracles I see every day.
Halloween was so fun! We went to the ward party and dressed up as senior Sisters. A lot of the members thought that someone brought their grandma and their great aunt. BAHAHA we pulled it off so well. we went to an elderly sister in the ward and asked her for baby powder (to make our hair grey) nylons, and 2 pairs of glasses and guess what?...she had it all! Bless her heart ;)
I went on two great exchanges this week with our amazing sisters. I truly have grown to love them each individually and want to serve them in any way possible. We were driving down the street the other day and I know Sister Meiners thought I was crazy because I randomly said "I love our sisters." I know I have been sent to serve them at this time.
The first sister I went with is such an awesome missionary! As we went forward with faith, we taught a great lesson to some awesome member missionaries and we also ran upon a sweet elderly couple who formerly investigated the gospel. I have felt for a few weeks that we needed to go visit them, and we acted on that prompting. Hiba was with us as our exchange for the night, and as we knocked on the door a sweet man told us about how Sisters used to come over and teach them, but they don't fully agree with the things we teach. As we sat at the door step and explained the gospel... he opened up to us and told us that his wife is really sick and she doesn't get out of bed often. The Lord gave us an opportunity to share about the resurrection and open the spirit up to that man and his home. When we were getting ready to leave I asked if we could leave him with a prayer. He said "Yes! How about you come inside and pray with my wife, too?" The 3 of us went inside and Sister De la Cruz offered an amazing prayer for us and for the couple we had visited. As we were leaving their home he said "I can tell you one thing, the quality of the people in the LDS church is amazing!" I know that although we had a  hard week, this was exactly where we needed to be, the one person who needed us and to feel the love of the Savior. I know we were an instrument in his hands, I'm grateful he allowed us the opportunity to be worked through.
My second exchange was with a sister I came out with. She is such an awesome missionary and I know she is training a new sister the standards and vision of the Texas Fort Worth Mission! I learned so much from her. We are having a lot of the same struggles but a lot of the same positive attitudes! She is working hard and on her way to continue baptizing!
This week has been really tough for me. I had a breakdown during planning.. haha I laugh because it was pretty funny looking back. I'm having a hard time because we aren't finding people to teach. Every time we get a referral they aren't in our area or they are not interested... and I understand that because I've been a missionary long enough! I also feel the weight of how much time I don't have to do the things I need to do and become who the Lord wants me to be. As I talked with Sister Meiners about this discouragement she reminded me that we aren't going to see fruits of our efforts all the time. She also reminded me that although we may not be finding success in our area, the sisters we are working with are doing great and we are helping them to become the best missionaries they can be. I have been called to serve them, and serve in my area. I still need to learn to count little successes along the way. 
I am so grateful for the trials I have been given as a missionary. They have changed me and they have changed who I want to become. I know the gospel is true! I love it with all my heart and can't wait to see what else the Lord wants me to learn as I continue to serve him with all my "heart, might, mind, and strength."
I love y'all, have a great week!
XOXO- Sister Sylar

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Forward, Texas Fort Worth!

Happy Monday, Y'all!
Halloween is around the corner and fall is here in Texas! (probably only for a couple weeks, but it's here!) haha!
This week has been really great! we stayed busy with investigators, members, and exchanges! We are still trying to find people to teach. Make sure to keep my area in your prayers, because I know there are people here who are prepared to receive the gospel! 
I had the opportunity to go on exchange with Hermana Jensen this week. It was really great! I love going on Spanish exchanges and got to learn some new phrases and share my testimony in spanish a couple of times! I served with Sister Jensen in Lewisville when she was being trained and she's grown so much! I'm grateful to be serving with her and seeing the growth she's had in her mission. That's one of the greatest things about being a STL. I love serving the sisters!
We had an awesome joint MLC with the Dallas mission this week on Saturday with Elder Foster from the quorum of the 70. All of the things he said were things that I needed to do to be a better leader and things I want the missionaries I serve to know! It was great to hear him talk about the relationships we need to have for the Sisters (and elders) we serve. He talked about the importance of building a relationship where they can trust you, being in a place where they are comfortable, and showing them your genuine love. I know he was inspired talking about that because just the night before some sisters called and said they were having a really hard time and wanted to meet with us after the Elder Foster MLC. I know that they were able to call us and talk to us because they trusted that we are here to serve them and help them in any way we can! I get to go on exchange with them tomorrow and I'm so excited to hear what they are doing to overcome the trials they are facing right now!
Our Denton Stake Conference was absolutely amazing this weekend! I had the blessing to interpret some of the meeting in ASL (I'm getting my practice, that's for sure!) for one of the deaf Elders. I also got to listen to the Stake President talk about hastening the work and how we can change and choose to be a part of it. Our ward is growing so much in their missionary efforts. I have grown to love the ward more and more every week! It's such a blessing to serve with them. At the Saturday night session, they had a panel of new converts that answered questions about their interactions about the church and how they felt as they took the missionary lessons. It was really cool to hear from them and see how we can work better to get the members more involved in the work!
There are so many things that have been going through my mind this week, I'm grateful for the gospel and the opportunity I have to have the fullness of it. I know this is Christ's church again on the earth and I know the Power of the Priesthood is real.
I love y'all with all my heart. I hope you have a wonderful week! 
XOXO-Sister Sylar 

Monday, October 20, 2014

A visit with Elder Cardon!

Hey Family!
Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes! I'm so blessed to have so many people who love and care for me! I loved the cards, gifts, and emails and I'm sending my love back at you in every way possible! 
This week has been absolutely insane! We only stayed in our area on Tuesday and Sunday. Yes, the price you pay for having someone from the first quorum of the 70 in town! It was so worth it! 
This week we had a few lessons with members, and as they were teaching our investigators and less actives, I learned! That's one of the greatest blessings of missionary work, you learn from everyone! I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for members who are willing to work alongside me in the missionary work in Denton! I love it!
We have been working very closely with Domanique. She's doing well. It's been quite a roller coaster for her. We went to see her and her phone got turned off, along with her electricity. She's working hard to keep food on the table and a roof over her head and her children's heads. She's an example to me of a hard working mom! I pray that the Lord will continue to bless her. So, we taught her about the restoration in the dark of her apartment, the invitation to be baptized was also extended. :) The spirit is so strong whenever we have that opportunity to invite. Yesterday, we received a phone call from her telling us that she's not sure she wants to meet with us anymore. Right after dinner we went over there and talked with her. She had found an anti website and was reading some information from it. It's so hard to have people who oppose God and the truthfulness of the gospel. We talked with her, read scriptures, and bore pure testimony of the gospel and how it can bless her life. I pray, and hope that y'all will pray, that her heart with be softened and she will continue to be prepared to receive the gospel. 
My birthday was great! Sister Meiners stuck me in our bedroom for morning workouts and she made me cinnamon rolls, pancakes, bacon, and chocolate milk! I love her so much! She really made my birthday special. ( I realized how much of a birthday diva I am, too! HAHA) The greatest thing about my birthday was having the chance to go to the temple with a family we've been working with and see them be sealed for time and all eternity. :) I know that our families are forever! 
And last but not least... the Elder Cardon Conference was this week! We had a special MLC with him on Thursday morning. We talked about what a council does and how it will really bless us and our future families, etc. I stayed the night in Keller, which was absolutely amazing. I got to see Sister Todd and Brother Todd and surprise them! I also got to go and see Sister Briggs, the old Relief Society president and help the sisters with some of the former investigators I taught that they should go and see! I miss that place! I know I was sent there for a reason.
We had our elder Cardon Conference on Friday, there was so much I learned from him, President and Sister Ames, and Sister Cardon. I know the Lord sent them just for us, to help our mission progress! After the Conference was over, President Ames came looking for me and said "Sister Sylar, Elder Cardon is interviewing a few people and I want him to interview you!" When he said that I was so excited! As I talked with E. Cardon, I learned so much about the power of sealing and how it can bless families! I know the interview was inspired of God, because it answered questions I've had throughout my mission about the importance of being sealed to our families.
I love y'all so much! I hope you have a great week and know that I love you to the moon and back!
XOXOX- Sister Sylar

Monday, October 13, 2014

My Family!!

Hello, I hope y'all had such a great week! It's been fun to read all your emails and hear from you! Can you believe I'm going to be an old 22 fart this week? :) I'm excited but sad I'm growing up so fast!
This week has been great as a missionary in the Denton ward! I'm seeing a huge change in the members and their excitement for missionary work! I love missionary work and can't wait to help the missionaries when I get home!
About 6 weeks ago President Ames invited us to read the Book of Mormon all the way through by October 16th. I finished it yesterday and it was so great! I learned so much! As I read I kept the question in mind "does God know me?" while I was reading I surprised that I wasn't marking as much as I thought I would be! But when I looked back at what I did mark this morning it had such a profound impression on me! I know that Heavenly Father knows us all personally! I know that he loves us and will call us by name! I was particularly impressed as I read Ether 2&3. The Lord talks to the Brother of Jared for hours about how he can construct the ship and have the faith to do it! I also love in 3 Nephi 11, when the Lord comes to the America's and lets everyone come to him one by one and feel the prints in his hands. I know that I've had personal spiritual experiences with the Savior multiple times that helps me know that he is the Son of God, my Savior, and Redeemer! If you have any doubt in your mind, seek to have the witness and read the Book of Mormon with a question in mind. I know that they will be answered! I'm so grateful for the gospel, I know it changes lives, including my own!
Sunday night Sister Meiners and I got to go to a BYD all about the Book of Mormon (which was a great crowning event to finishing it for myself!) As we listened to Bro. Martino share his testimony and conversion to the church and about the Book of Mormon, I felt the spirit so strongly. I continually pray to know that what I teach is true and I continue to get answers that it is! The youth all thought of someone in their lives that need the Book of Mormon and the gospel, they wrote down their testimonies and we are putting them in the books to take to their friends! Youth are such great missionaries, I know miracles will happen as they share their testimonies! 
We went and visited Melody the other day, our recent convert. She is doing so well! Her brother and sister are now investigating the church and she's being such a great example to them! We are so proud of her :) she told us that she had a boyfriend for a bit... and she broke up with him because he was taking her away from going to Young Women's and everything she wanted to attend in the church. WOW! What a great example to me of the importance of church and living the gospel to its fullness.
My exchange this week was with a brand new green missionary! :) Her name is Sister Levesque. I learned SO much from her. She's already such a great missionary and knows so much about the gospel! She taught with such great power and authority and she really taught simply. I'm grateful for the things I learned from her and hearing about her testimony as we served together. I laughed because she said "You know what I found out about you old missionaries? It's really hard to get to know you because you never talk about yourselves!" haha Hey! I'll take it, I'm in the service of my God! :) We also had an adventure cause we eat at the church often... we forgot to bring a pot to cook our lunch in and had to compromise with things at the church to make pasta roni. We found a tupper ware container and spoons... it still tasted great!
Well, those are the fun adventures of Sister Sylar this week! I hope y'all have a great week and seek opportunities to love people around you! 
XOXOX-Sister Tawny Sylar
P.S. we sang in Sacrament on Sunday, the spirit was so strong! :)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Spiritual Exhaustion!

Hey family!
Holy cow, wasn't this conference weekend the best you've ever seen in 6 months? I wish y'all knew the power of the spirit to a missionary during conference. I receive so much inspiration and learn so much about what the Lord wants me to do personally and what I can do for my investigators to help them progress. We have 2 investigators right now and neither of them made it to conference, but that's okay. I know they will continue to learn and have the opportunity to watch it next time and often online in the next 6 months! :)
Something really cool is that I got an email from my former companion who went home last week and she said that Bryant White is in her ward! :) Haha she met him and told him that she knew me. It was really neat! I'm excited that he got to meet her because she's so funny! It's crazy to think all the missionaries I know are heading home and they are busy, alive, and well! 
This week was amazing. We received a referral from Headquarters on Monday for a single mom. Her friend put her name online and when we got it we contacted her right away. She was so open and was so sweet. We went back with a member and taught her about the Plan of Salvation because we felt prompted to. As we taught her all of the questions she had directly corresponded with the things we teach in that lesson. I'm grateful to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord to bring souls to him. This is the greatest calling I've ever had! :) 
As we are working with our good friend.. "finding" we went and tracted the other day for about 2 hours. That wasn't fun! Haha  I haven't tracted like that on my mission ever! But the Lord did bless us and we met some great people who have potential for the future! Even if I don't see the fruits of it now, I know that these people will be prepared for missionaries in the future. I love that thought! 
I was reflecting on my mission so far the other day and how many people I have had the opportunity to teach and their excitement about getting baptized. I thought about their family's, their friends, and the people they love. I know that because they received the gospel, they will help others receive it as well. I'm grateful for the generations that will be blessed because of the people who are willing to accept the gospel as I have taught them!
I have the privilege as Sister Training Leader to go to Mission Leadership Council at the beginning of every month. The spirit is SO strong there, ever single time! The mission is moving forward! We are making changes over night and teaching real lessons to people who are ready for it! We have more faith now than ever. We are 99% obedient according to a survey we took last week. It's such a blessing to serve in the Texas Fort Worth Mission. The Best Mission in the WORLD! The Lord is blessing all his missionaries, especially me. I have learned so much and I'm willing to submit to the will of the Lord in all things! I love being a missionary, I love being a part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is Christ's church and it's here because he wants us to return to live with him again. I know God lives! I know Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer and he knows us personally. 
I love y'all and I pray that you will take what you learned in General Conference and resolve to be a little better. 
Have a blessed week, y'alll!
XOXOX- Sister Sylar

Monday, September 29, 2014

I'm gonna kill her!

Hey Family!
Don't get too scared about the title of this letter, because it's not bad. But we got transfer calls today and I'm going to kill my first companion. Killing... means that you're their companion when they go home. :) I'm excited cause Sister Meiners is such a great missionary and I learn so much from her every single day! :)
This week has been a little slow and long, but it's okay. I'm realizing how much I love serving in Denton and I'm so grateful for the time I have to be here and help the area grow. I know that there's so much potential here! We are going to have to start from scratch and start tracting to find people, which isn't ideal, but Sister Meiners and I need people to teach! Keep us in your prayers :) Good thing it's starting to cool down here, I love Texas! :)
A couple days ago we were driving to go and make M.S.'s baptism program and we drove past a house where a man was sitting in his garage. As we drove past I had this impression that we needed to go back and talk to the man that was in the garage. I made Sister Meiners pull over (good thing she is patient with me) and we walked back to his house.  He walked inside right when we got there so we knocked on the door and he looked through the window and said "Leave you brochure or whatever, I'm busy!" So.. we did just that. I wrote my testimony in the Book of Mormon because I knew we were sent there for a reason and we left a card with our number on it. I don't know if it had an impact on him, or why we needed to talk to him, but I do know that as we are obedient to the Lord we will be blessed in all things! :)
Saturday was such an amazing and spirit filled day as well. We didn't get out to proselyte, but we had the opportunity to go do a service project in the garden with some members of a Mega Church here in Town (Denton Bible) which I hear preaches against us very actively. It was neat to be a part of it and to see these people open up to learning more about us. I had the opportunity to witness the baptism of a 14 year old girl, Melody, Who I have grown to love so much as I serve her and teach her every week. She had such a change of heart really quickly. She's going to seminary, living the standards and sharing the gospel! You can always tell when someone is getting baptized who truly wants to follow the Savior and live the gospel. The spirit was so strong. We didn't expect many people at the baptism because there was a temple sealing, funeral, and the women's broadcast that day. But... the place was packed with no sitting or standing room. It was probably the most well attended baptism I have been to in my whole mission! :) She had so much support from family, ward members, friends, missionaries, and non members!
Funny thing about the baptism. Sister Meiners only turned on the hot water so when Melody got in she was like.. "This is sooooo hot!" and we were like.. "shhhh... get in the water!" When she came up the elders said you could see steam coming off her face. When she came out and we gave her a towel she said "I know what hell feels like" Bahahahahah! :) Over all, she was so happy and had a different spirit about her after the confirmation on Sunday. It's amazing how much the Lord blesses us to love the people we serve.
I love y'all. I'm so grateful for all you do for me and your prayers! You're in my prayers every day and I wish you well! No more trunky talk, okay? :) I'm consecrated and need to focus on being here in Texas.
XOXOXO- Sister Sylar


Amongst Miracles

Hey wonderful Family!
It's been an amazing week with a lot of trials and a lot of miracles at the same time. I'm just going to jump into it because I don't want to leave y'all hangin!
Last Sunday night I went to bed very discouraged because I felt like I was working hard and I had the faith that Heavenly Father would answer our investigators prayer about the church so she could get baptized on the 24th. While I had the faith, many others didn't and I felt as if the world was against me. I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help me know if I was being realistic or just having false hope. I had an overwhelming feeling that he would answer my prayers and not to worry.
On Tuesday night we had a lesson with M.S., the investigator who is waiting for her answer. We took her on a tour of the church building and taught lesson 5 of Preach my Gospel, which went really well. She told us as we looked at the picture of Christ in the Americas that she knew the Book of Mormon was true. At the end of the tour we sat in the chapel and had a little discussion about baptism and how she can prepare herself. I said "M.S. have you received an answer to your prayers?" In response she said "Yes, I have. I prayed about it and got a really warm feeling in my heart." I got the dumbest smile on my face and she looked at me and said "Sister Sylar, why are you smiling so big?" Hahahah I just told her that I was so happy and I knew that Heavenly Father would answer her prayers. I know I haven't seen huge miracles like many missionaries. But I know this was a trial of my faith, and when I leaned on Heavenly Father and asked for his help, his will was done. This is a miracle to me! :) M.S. will be getting baptized this Saturday at 3 PM.
I'm so blessed to serve in a magnet ward for the ASL elders. I get to interpret music and songs for them once in a while and it's nice to use those skills again. Sister Meiners and I are also trying to get the members more involved in our work and it's so hard. We made a Missionary Tool "Don't Eat Pete" game and have been playing with the families and it has been working well! We are trying to get creative because the area has struggled for a long.
A couple of fun things this week! We got to help with Keep Denton Beautiful on Saturday and help in a garden with the community. I was on exchange with Sister Tilton. She's such a sweet missionary and so fun-loving! I learned a lot from her. 
Last week Sister Meiners and I had a light come on in our car saying our tire pressure was flat, we went and filled it and the next day we were driving down the road and kept hearing a thumping. At first we thought the road was just tough... then we realized the tire was flat! We pulled over and I started to change the tire and then a police man came to save the day! Thank heavens cause we were on our way to an appointment! Haha It was so funny, and the Lord knew we needed to be somewhere so he sent the cop to help us!
I'm so grateful to be a part of declaring the gospel every day. I know the Lord works through me when I am consecrated and obey him with exactness, it's such a blessing to be in the Texas Fort Worth Mission. President Ames is amazing, the missionaries are going forth, and we are working hard to find those who are prepared to receive the gospel!
I love y'all with all my heart and hope y'all have an amazing week! :)
XOXO-Sister Sylar
Tawny e-mailed me about a meat challenge she did. These first three pictures are of that :)


Monday, September 15, 2014

It's fall ya'll!!

Y'all wouldn't believe it, but It's been 60 degrees here the last couple of days, I even had to wear a jacket! it's crazy how the weather is so great one week and changes instantly the next! It's starting to warm up again, but it's been such a tender mercy to have such great weather as a missionary the last couple of days! :)
This week has been absolutely great! We had interviews with President Ames on Tuesday, which is always a highlight of the transfer. I love to hear from him and the insight he has about how we can further the work in our areas! I talked to him a little bit about our struggle with finding new people to teach and how we can find them and he gave me some great insight! I'm excited to start working on some new creative finding ideas... my creative mind is able to work as a missionary! :) YEAH!
One of the amazing things we get to do in Denton is teach a lot of our less active members who are being prepared to have the lessons again! A couple weeks ago a member texted us and told us to come over because there was a less active who lived next door who was at her house! I was on exchange, so the missionaries went over and set up a time for us to come and teach her. I swear if she was an investigator she would be golden! :) She has such great questions, really has a desire to come closer to God, and wants to learn the lessons so she can know "What she's been missing out on" I know the Lord has prepared her to return to the fold of God. This is a miracle! I'm so grateful for what Heavenly Father is doing for us here.
Each week we get to go serve at Our Daily Bread. It's a church that feeds the homeless so we get to help make food and talk with people and a lot of the missionaries have found new investigators from it! :) Everyone knows the missionaries there and are so excited to see us when they come in on Tuesday mornings! I know these people have a great sight of who and what we do as missionaries! 
Yesterday we were visiting a less active who has been in the hospital for a long time. We went with some members and visited with her and shared about the resurrection. I know that we will all be perfected again someday and we will return to live with our Heavenly Father! :) I'm so grateful for that knowledge as well. When we were about to leave I had a prompting to ask her if she needed a blessing. I was nervous because I don't exactly know the situation, but I asked her if she wanted one. She said "YES! I need one really bad". Great thing we had an brother from the ward with us who was worthy to give a priesthood blessing. I can't even tell y'all how blessed we are to have the same power that Christ created the earth with here on the earth today!
It's been a rough week. We are really trying to work with the ward to find more people to teach and help strengthen them. I've never been in an area where I have to strengthen the members. It's tough. Last night, we were talking about our investigator M.S. I wish y'all knew how much love I have for her. It's amazing how quickly you can love someone as a missionary! She's been really trying to gain a testimony of Joseph Smith and Thomas S. Monson. Last night the Young Women's President took her to Standards Night for Young Women and M.S. loved it. She told the President that she is for sure getting baptized! But, she needs your prayers! She's a young girl and has had a hard past. We need support from the ward and faith that she will have the strength and answer to her prayers that she needs to be baptized!
I know the church is true. I know missionary work is hard, but we need YOUR help as members to make the work progress! We can't do it on our own. I'm so grateful to be serving in Denton. I love y'all and pray that you have some great missionary experiences this week!
XOXOX- Sister Sylar

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tawn Tawn

I hope y'all had a great week! I love getting your letters and hearing from you. Thank you for always supporting me in my calling as a missionary and I hope y'all know that you're in my prayers and thoughts often. I hope you're having missionary experiences as well!
This week has been pretty good. Sister Meiners and I are really working on trying to find some people to teach and the Lord blessed us with 2 new investigators this week! :) YAY! One of them was from a list that the missionaries before us left to go and see. She's really sweet and she has family in Montecello Utah who are members. She's been to church before and says she likes it. We are going back to teach her again on Tuesday. I pray that her heart with be open and she was very willing to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if what we taught was true!! There are people being prepared here, I know it!
We also met with a part member family last night where the husband is not a member. K.S. He's got a lot of the same views as us but thinks of them in different ways. He's open to learning more, but told us that he doesn't want to strengthen his faith in Jesus Christ (which makes no sense cause he wants to learn more) Haha. He also thinks he's the gate keeper for Heaven... which hopefully we can work that one out, too! Welcome to Texas!
I had the opportunity to go on exchange with one of the sisters I came out with this week. She's grown so much as a missionary, but still kind of struggles with talking about home a lot. That's hard for other missionaries because we are all trying to be consecrated and worry about the work. I pray that all the missionaries in the Texas Fort Worth mission will have an increased dedication to the Lord when they think of how they can be more consecrated. She's a great missionary and I love her so much.
I also had the great opportunity to go to Mission Leadership Council (MLC) again! I haven't been to one in about 13 months and it was so amazing! The spirit is so strong there and there are so many things that we're doing as a mission to be more effective and miracles are happening! We are trying so hard to find more people to teach and to find the elect! Keep us in your prayers, because we need them! I love  President Ames and I know that I was called to serve with him for a reason! What an inspiring man with so much dedication to his calling and to the Lord!
This week my sweet Sister Tanner had to go home :( It's been hard for me to grasp because she means so much to me and helped me grow so much when we served with each other. With her knee surgery, she didn't recover within the week she was supposed to. So she is back in good ol' Utah recovering. I know the Lord has a plan for her and I'm grateful to see that she's been okay with that plan. I'm grateful for all my companions and what they've done for me. I love them all!
I know that the Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to serve here in Denton. I'm grateful to be his servant, his hands, and as I understand more and more each day who I am representing, I know the lord will bless me so much.
I love y'all with all my heart. Have a great week and change some lives! :)
XOXOX- Sister Sylar

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The stars at night are big and bright...Deep in the heart of Texas!!!

Hello family!
Yes, it's true. The stars are so much more beautiful when you aren't in the city. I'm loving Denton more and more as I spend more time here. :) This week I was thinking about youth of the church and how much dedication and love for the gospel they have. It's like they have no fear and are willing to do so much to share their testimony. Then I was brought back to a memory of when I was in elementary or middle school. I remember my best friend Sadie coming to the door and I gave her a Book of Mormon and I said "I don't know if you'll read it or not, but this is something that means a lot to me and I know it can bless your life." I still don't know if she's read the Book of Mormon but as I reflect on that experience I think about how I was fearless in sharing the gospel and I hope to always be that way from now on! :)
I had the privilege of going on two exchanges this week with different sisters. The first exchange I got to go to the YSA ward here in Denton and it was a very different experience because it's just on the campus of UNT. It was really neat to teach people my age and be able to relate to them better. But I truly am more grateful to be in a family ward, where I can teach about families being together forever (and where they feed me almost every night ;) ) Hahaha! I also got to bring a spanish sister to our area and work with her a little bit. She's a lot like Sister Coleman (who I miss so much!) and it was great to see how much she's grown since I met her when she first came out on her mission. Her Spanish has come a long way and she's really centered on her mission. 
I don't know if I told y'all, but I was put in the Denton ward where there are ASL missionaries and they are trying to make it a magnet ward for deaf people to come to. It's really neat to meet some deaf investigators and the elders hold an ASL class every Thursday night and we've met some great hearing people who could possibly be interested in learning more. There are so many great finding activities that missionaries have used and we are trying really hard to find new people in creative ways because knocking on doors doesn't work here in Denton, our area is tiny and has all been tracted out. But, I'm willing to do whatever the Lord needs me to do to find the elect!
This morning I was reading in Doctrine and Covenants section 30. One of the greatest things stuck out to me it said "Rejoice, for now is the day of your mission". I am rejoicing! I'm so grateful to be a missionary and I will "reap while the day lasts" because I know it won't last forever!
I love y'all so much and hope you have a great week. Please keep Denton 4th ward members and area in your prayers cause we are ready to find, teach, and baptize! :)
XOXOX- Sister Sylar
The last picture is of me and our investigator M.S. :) Ain't she cute?!?!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Texas Experience!

Hey Family,

It's been so great to see pictures of your fun adventures and hear about what's going on in your lives! Things are going great here in Denton!
It's a lot different than I expected it to be. It's definitely screaming at the country in me. Are you ready to hear about where I live and how long it takes us to get places?...
Well... I live in a barn. Yes, you read right. A barn. We have a little apartment above the barn and do our laundry where the stables are. We go outside to exercise in the morning and get a great view of horses, cows, longhorns, and green landscape as far as the eye can see :) Bet you wish y'all were a missionary in Denton don't you?
It takes us about 8 miles to get to where the people actually live in our area. The miles on our car are basically gone so we've been biking a ton this week. Right now there are only 2 people we are teaching. We are working really hard on finding people who are ready to accept us and the gospel of Jesus Christ. One of the challenges we face is Denton Bible church (a mega church) which preaches against Mormonism quite often, so many people have misconceptions and think we don't believe in God. Despite the challenges our area is facing right now I know the Lord has sent me to Denton to help find the elect. To teach them about the gospel and bring them closer to our Heavenly Father. Sister Meiners and I are having a blast trying to figure out what we can do to help the area progress. It's definitely going to be a process, but I know we've been sent here for a reason.
One of the young women we are teaching, M.S. is very sweet. She's 13 and has a lot of energy, that's for sure! She grew up in a very tough atmosphere and her mom made the choice to be homeless, so she lives with her grandma who is a very strong member of the church. M.S. has grown up in another church that has really changed her life and helped her. Right now she feels like she's being pulled between two churches but wants to find the truth. I know she will find it as she asks with a sincere heart. :) We also are teaching. E.C. He's so funny and has had a quite a hard life as well, but the gospel is what I know can bring him so much happiness.
I've been studying Doctrine and Covenants for the last couple weeks and I was recently studying in Section 14 when the Lord tells John Whitmer that the thing that will bring the most joy into his life will be sharing the gospel and declaring repentance to the people. I can testify of that! I know that sharing the gospel brings more joy in my life than anything else I've ever done! I've never been on such a great spiritual high for so long and I know it's because I'm sharing the gospel every single day. It's a blessing to be a missionary. I love it, I feel like the time is short and it's slipping from under me. But I will work hard until the day I go home, because this is what the Lord has sent me here to do!

I love y'all! Hope you have a great week and remember to read the Book of Mormon! :)
XOXOXO- Sister Sylar

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Goodbye FloMo 1st- Hello Countryside Denton :)

Hey family! :)
It's been so great to hear from y'all this week and see the exciting things that y'all have been up to. It's been a great week for us and we were able to work hard and see many miracles happen. I truly love to be a missionary and see how the Lord makes us instruments in his hands.
Not too much exciting happened this week. On Wednesday I received a phone call from President Ames and he told me that I was being transferred to Denton. I am privileged and excited to help other sisters in their assignments as missionaries as I have been called to be a Sister Training Leader. :) I'm so excited, but I also know this is going to be a great learning experience and I will have the opportunity to grow for myself. A call to lead is a call to repentance and I'm ready to change! I enjoyed going to new leadership training with President and Sister Ames and learned more of my role and how I can show genuine love for the people I serve. I know the Lord has called me to be where I am when I need it most! Everything in my mission has helped me to become the missionary I am today and I'm so grateful.
J.T. came to church again on Sunday and felt the spirit so strong. We had a great sacrament meeting about temples and the importance of going often and how it's the house of the Lord. After, she stayed for gospel principles and got a blessing from our ward mission leader and another man in the ward. It was the most beautiful blessing I have ever heard given to one of God's children as she strives to live the word of wisdom more fully and learn of the truth of the gospel. I know that she felt the spirit and will continue to feel it as she learns more about the gospel.
I went on exchange with Sister Tanner in Southlake this week. It was really great to serve with her again and feel of her sweet spirit and love for missionary work. I have been so blessed to have her in my life. She's going through a lot of struggles right now and is having surgery in a few weeks, please keep her in your prayers. I know she's been in my thoughts and prayers recently and I know the Lord has a plan for her.
I love y'all with all my heart. I'm sorry this is short, but I have so much to do it's insane! Have a blessed week. Remember that I love y'all! :)
XOXOXO- Sister Sylar

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Family History, I am doing it!!

famILY! :)
It's so great to hear from y'all each week and see how you're doing. Things are going great here in Texas. It's been a hot week, but we are surviving through it!
We've seen so many great things recently, I can't wait to share them all with you.
 A couple weeks ago we went to a child of record baptism where they had friends that weren't members. When we went to their home afterward, we met many non members and talked to one, R.R. As we talked with him we discovered that he has done family history for years and has gone to Salt Lake to try and find one person on his tree that he couldn't find. He's been searching for 41 years. 
We invited him to come to the 2nd hour of church where they have the Family History class and the consultants could help him find some clues on what he should be looking for and introduce him to He graciously accepted our offer. 2 weeks later we received a text saying that he was going to come to class. He spent a couple hours with family history consultants on Sundays and then would go home to do his own research. As weeks went by, when he came to church, he started to dress nicer and nicer. (that was just a cool observance) Last Thursday R.R.was able to go to the Family History center with some of our consultants in the ward and found the man he's been looking for for 41 years! He was so excited he said he cried. He's been spending time calling his family and letting them know of the miracle that happened. When he told us the story and showed us all the information I explained the Spirit of Elijah to him, and his face lit up. I know that he's having positive experiences with the gospel and I pray that we may have the opportunity to teach him why it's so important to us!
We are working especially close with J.T. We've been teaching her for about 2 months, going on three. What a great woman of faith she is! I know I've told y'all about her. When I took Sister Coleman tracting for the first time and she was the first door we knocked on and let us teach her! We are still trying to help her gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. But this week we got her a large print copy of the Book of Mormon and Bible. Her washer machine went out a couple weeks ago and she's been going to the Laundromat to do laundry on Sundays and not coming to church because of it. This week, we found out that they're trying to find members for us to live with because our apartment lease is up. So... we rounded up a couple in the ward and they helped us take our washing machine to J.T.'s house. Her husband and her were so happy and she was able to come to church with us on Sunday. The lessons were great, the kids were noisy and it kinda distracted her, but I know she felt the spirit.
We took her to the mission president fireside last night and it was amazing! The spirit it always so strong there when we sing together, hear the testimonies of converts, and listen to president Ames share some great doctrine. At the end she talked to President for a minute, he answered many of her questions and leaned over and said "I want you to have the Sisters tell me when you're getting baptized" and she said "President, will you be there?!" His eyes got wide and he paused and he said "If I don't have a meeting to speak at that night, I will be there!" :) He's so inspiring and really does carry the spirit with him wherever he goes.
After the fireside I also got to see.. .wait for it... my recent converts from River Trails! :) Katie and her husband Bovick are doing so well! I asked them how the Word of Wisdom is going and they're both living it fully! (which is something he was still working on when I left). If you don't remember they are also the couple who got married so she could get baptized! It's so amazing to see them fully living the gospel. They go out with the missionaries and teach, they're preparing to go to the temple soon, and when I was leaving Katie said "I'm so happy!" I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ has brought her that happiness.
Nothing in my life has brought more joy to me than seeing my brothers and sisters join the fold of God and make changes to their lives to live the gospel! As I have been studying the Book of Mormon, I have felt the power that comes from it. I'm grateful for it. I know it's true. I want to share a talk with y'all that I know can help bear testimony of the Book of Mormon as well:
Elder Holland is such a powerful speaker and apostle (my personal favorite) I add my testimony to his. The Book of Mormon is the Word of God! I pray that the spirit will always witness the truth of it unto us by the power of the Holy Ghost. I want to challenge y'all to read the Book of Mormon by December 18th. :) As you see the power and peace that can come to your life from it, I know y'all will be blessed beyond what you can comprehend. I love the Savior, I love my Heavenly Father, and I love the Texas Fort Worth Mission!
I love y'all sooo much!
Until next week.
XOXOX- Sister Sylar