Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I love my goofy Sis!!

Howdy Ya'll!
It's fall here in Texas and holy cow, it gets cold! :) But I'm loving every second of it, even if it makes it hard for me to get out of bed in the morning! This week has been great and I'm looking forward to even more great experiences. I have so many great things to share with you this week!
First off, I want to thank ya'll for the birthday gifts! :) I got so spoiled, but I was also overwhelmed with gratitude as I remembered that I have the best friends and family that anyone could ever ask for in my life. You, along with the Savior, are what keep me going every day.
We had a lesson with investigators every night this week, which was truly a blessing and something to look forward to! We have been teaching a 19 year old, Matt, who has been dating our recent convert, Chelsea, for about 1 year and he's been investigating the church the whole time. We had such a great lesson with him on Thursday. As I was sharing my knowledge and testimony about the atonement of our Savior, when I was done talking, I had no idea what had just come out of my mouth. I guess that's how you know that the spirit is working through you to speak to his children. I also shared about the resurrection and how grateful I am for the knowledge that my Brad will someday run to me in Heaven, although his physical restraints don't allow him to now. Matt also has a cousin that we didn't know about with the same thing as Brad. Matt is now considering a baptism date in November and we are going to teach him again this week and see what date he wants to prepare for. I know that the Lord has prepared him at this time, I know I bore testimony of what he needed to hear and I know that I have been sent here to help him receive the gospel! How great is my calling!
LJ, another investigator, is also getting baptized on November 16th! :) What a great opportunity for him and he's so excited! Brother Mabry will be baptizing him and Brother Beck will be confirming him a member of the church. The support of those he loves is great, although his family is Jehovah Witness, I know they will some day open up and support him in the great decision he is making. Everything happens in the Lord's time.
We had Elder Pino for the Quorum of the 70 come visit us this week as well. What a great man! You could just feel the love of the Savior through him and he was so funny. So many great things about him stuck out to me, but one of my favorites was when he said "If you're happy, tell your face to show it!" :) Remember those smiles can really make a difference in someone's day!
One last great experience I want to share with ya'll. I want you to look back on my first week out in the mission field, how badly I wanted to come home. Well, President Ames came out in the mission field with me as a new mission president, and his first day, first phone call, was me... telling him that I wanted to go home. I didn't know that until this last Thursday in my interview. President Ames is a great mission president, I'm thankful for him and all he does! I know that I was called to this mission for him to be my mission president. With a new companion at the beginning of this transfer my anxiety started to get pretty bad and President told me he would give me a blessing. At our interview, he also told me that I look great, he knew I was happy, and he know that Heavenly Father and I worked together to help me get through some hard time. Now I don't want to turn back, my focus is forward. on to better things, on to preach the gospel! :)
I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true! I know that I've been called at this time to serve others as they search for a missing piece. I know that through the atonement of Jesus Christ, we can return to live with him. He knows every doubt, every fear and every pain we have ever felt. But as you continue in faith instead of fear, you will see the blessings. I love ya'll and hope you have a great week!
XOXO- Sister Sylar

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