Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hailstorms and Trunk or Treat

Hello wonderful family! :)
Every week I'm amazed at the amount of support that ya'll offer me. I'm so grateful to be a part of the Lord's work and finding those who are prepared to accept the gospel! :) Transfer result drumroll please..... I'm staying in Keller for my 4th transfer! What a blessing. I'm so grateful to get to stay here with Sister Bingham. She's my favorite and I'm so glad I get to serve with her again. Her testimony and knowledge strengthen me. So much, but so little happened this week! So... be prepared to hear a few funny things.
The Dallas state fair has been going on for about a month now, and the church is doing a family history booth to see if people want to find ancestors. We have gotten 2 referrals, one that wanted us to tell them how to use the website by phone, the other one wanted us to find her husbands dad cause he doesn't know him! So we went over to help this woman and her husband and found out that the lady milks her own goats! Hahaha how crazy is that right? So.. she told us about how she makes her own buttermilk and she offered us a glass and I gladly took it. I thought it would be a great experience and I thought that it might be good to try. So as she poured it into our cups (good thing it was a small portion) it looked like molasses! It was so thick. I took a little sip of it and I just gagged. Ew. I don't think I've ever tasted worse milk in my life! Don't ever try goat buttermilk, end of story. The good that came out of that is we got their family information so we can now go into familysearch.org and try to find his dad and share that information with him and maybe share about how our families can be forever!
We got caught in our first Texas rain/hail storm this week as well. It was crazy scary! We just went to a members house and it was raining and when we ran out it started hailing like I've never seen before! We were really careful driving in it and as we got home, we ran to the garage and I got knocked on the noggin with the biggest piece of hail I've ever seen in my life! I just can't stop laughing about how bad it hurt. But it was really fun. we were out in the rain for 5 seconds and walked in the house absolutely drenched. It was fun. I love seeing all of God's creations and the wonderful things that happen in different places!
As I've been out here, there are many things that I'm realizing about myself, and one of them is the power and authority that God has given me to teach His gospel. I'm grateful to be out here serving the people of Texas and I know there are many people who are being prepared, especially in the Keller area! We have 2 baptism dates. We got a text from LJ this week that said "Can we lock in November 16th at 5PM for my baptism?" So, there you have it, LJ is getting baptized! Our other investigator is still praying about when would be a good date for him to be baptized, I'm so grateful to see how the gospel has changed their lives and can't wait to see them make those covenants with God that will bless their lives, just as it's blessed mine!
We have 13 investigators, which is crazy. It's tough to get appointments to follow through many times because of football and school. But the Lord is definitely showing us miracles.
I also had a great experience this week in Relief Society, a sister in our ward talked about why Adam and Eve had to come to the earth. One of the reasons was to multiply and replenish the earth. We talked about how great it is to hold a baby when it's first born and I couldn't help but think of my Liam. :) I'm so grateful to be an aunt. I'm grateful that I got to see miracles take place that were created by my family. I know that God has a plan for every single one of us, and his plan is what makes us happy.
I know that I'm here in Texas for a reason, there are multiple reasons I'm here, but the one that means the most to me, is that I'm here to serve my Savior and my King. I know I'm a daughter of God and through Him, all things are possible. I'm grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ. I know that he suffered pains and afflictions that I could not bear myself. I know that because of His sacrifice I can be forgiven of all of my sins because God's grace is sufficient for everyone.
I love ya'll and hope you have a great week! :) Remember who you are.
XOXO- Sister Tawny Ann Sylar

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