Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New letter

Howdy Ya'll! :)
Yes, I have named this week anxiety week because transfer week is not easy in the life of a missionary. But it's been a great strength to my testimony that the Lord puts us where he wants us. I'm so grateful for Him and the opportunity I have to learn more about him every single day!
This week was amazing, though! :) We had our zone training on Tuesday and I can't even begin to tell you how strong the spirit is in those meetings! (except for scripture chases when I get competitive!) But I know that the Lord answers our prayers through others and he wants us to continue to feel his spirit every single day, we just have to let Him in and as we go into meetings, really ask what it is that the Lord wants you to learn and he will reveal it to you. Meetings as a missionary are the most uplifting and revelatory experience I've ever had in my life! I look forward to them every week.
If ya'll didn't remember this, I got to meet Elder Neil L. Anderson and Elder Callister on Wednesday! We thought it was going to be something about getting electronics, but it wasn't! Bahahaha But, I was not let down by it! The meeting was fantastic! I got to shake his hand and he had the meeting open to the floor for the missionaries to give their opinions and testimony's. The spirit was so strong. Some of the greatest things he taught were 1) don't compare yourselves to other missionaries, work on you. 2) as you come to understand the atonement more, you will have a desire to share the gospel with others and 3) Keep going, the Lord is pleased with the work you are doing. There is so much more I wish I could tell you, but those are things that really touched me. It was a great experience to meet him. ALSO get this, Adam Talbot was there cause he is serving in the Dallas, Texas Mission. So I got to see him and took a picture with him! :) He's doing great and we talked for a minute, he's been out for 14 months and it seems like the time just flew by.
We are making sure the work keeps progressing in Keller! We rode our bikes all day on Tuesday and it was sure hot, but I drank lots of water and put sunscreen on. Totally worth it, but kinda gross when you show up at someone's house drenched in sweat. Don't worry, they always offer cold water. It was funny cause Sister Tullis and I got to where we needed to go, had our bike locks and everything, but realized that we both forgot our lock keys. So... we went right back home and picked those up. Biking is so fun to do.. lalala. Anyway, Joey is doing really well. We got to meet his son this week and spend some time with he and his wife. We made them lunch and shared a great message with them about the Book of Mormon. I've learned so much from reading it, and it has surely affected my life out here in the field. We still go visit Manny, too. He has stomach problems like me and had surgery on Monday and we haven't seen him since! He must be feeling really well. We are also still working with Sherry, a sweet lady from the Church of Christ. She always calls us when she needs something or when something isn't going right. We are studying the New Testament with her right now and she's really starting to open her heart up to us. It's really awesome. I know that the Lord is preparing her to learn about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We took her to the Woodland Springs elder's baptism on Friday and she loved it. She cried and said thank you to a woman who gave a talk about the Holy Ghost. We just have to take our time with her. She's ready for the gospel, but it'll just be a slower process. We haven't been able to meet with the Kirkpatrick family this week because their daughter had surgery on Tuesday, but we have a lesson with them this Friday. They are reading the Book of Mormon and loving everything about the gospel. Brother Beck is also getting involved with teaching them, which is really a blessing on our part and their part. Brother Beck also has a good friend LJ who we are teaching and who is setting up a baptism date for October :) YAY! He's been coming to church for a year and knows that it's true.
I was thinking a lot this week, with transfers and stuff about how much we need to accept the will of the Lord. I know that he has a plan for each of us, and even if it doesn't happen in our time we need to have patience and faith in Him. I am staying in Keller 2nd ward and Sister Tullis is going to Park Glen. My new companion will be Sister Bingham! I'm so excited to embark on a new adventure! It will be so fun helping the work progress in the Keller 2nd ward.
I hope ya'll have a great week! Remember that I love you and read the Book of Mormon! It's true! :)
XOXOXO, Sister Tawny Ann Sylar

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