Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall in Texas

Family.. I know this may come as a shocker, but Texas has a FALL!
Well, the leaves don't turn colors... just brown and then they are dead on the ground. But the weather has been such a blessing this week and a tender mercy of the Lord! We only have so many miles to drive each month and we were almost out so we walked ALL week and the weather was absolutely gorgeous to walk around in. I'm so grateful that Texas has a fall and I'm excited to see what the Winter is like! (But also nervous) Sister Todd has a great 80's winter coat that I told her I'm going to come back for after my mission. I love living with members. I don't know what I'm going to do when I don't anymore! They are a great family and I'm so grateful for them in my life.
This week has been just a week full of blessings. Sister Bingham and I have such a great time while we go out and try to find people to serve and teach. We have found many people who are ready to learn more about the gospel, sometimes appointments fall through, but as we keep our faith we see miracles!
Sister Bingham is also very weird... kinda like me :) So we get along really well. She's made a huge impact on my outlook on missionary work and I am confident in the things that we are both learning from each other. I know that the Lord has sent her my way so that I can remember who I am and share the gospel in an outgoing way. Sometimes she tries to attack me at night when she turns out the lights for bed.. and sometimes she jumps on me to wake me up.. but it's okay. I'm living the life. (THATS A JOKE. She doesn't really do that, but I like to tell people that she does.)
I was also sick this week, so was Sister Bingham. So we stayed home on Thursday and I slept for 5 hours! The cold is going around really bad here and now I have a chest cough. But my sweet companion is taking care of me and I'm taking care of her. All is well and we are working hard!
This week, it has been an inspiring thing to see how much a ward family can come to the rescue in times of need. Our bishop and his family had a tragedy, their nephew drowned in their pool at his 2 year birthday party. It was humbling to see the bishop sit through sacrament with tears in his eyes but with so much hope. We went over one night this week and planted yellow flowers, left notes, balloons, and a new tree in their backyard. Not only were members there, but we had 3 investigators and some people of many different beliefs helping out. The church is wonderful and as one of our baptismal covenants to mourn with those who mourn, everyone was willing to help out.
We have been challenged by President Ames to keep reading the Book of Mormon, but also to read the New Testament. It's essential in Texas, of course. But for everyone. I wish I would have learned more about it when I would study the scriptures at home. My testimony has grown tremendously as I reflect on the miracles the Savior performed on the earth and I'm reminded that I'm here to act as a disciple of him. As the weeks go by, I'm realizing how much stronger my testimony is becoming, how great the church is, and how real our Savior is. :) I'm grateful for him and his sacrifice for me and I'm grateful to use the atonement in my missionary work.
Our investigators are doing great! :) LJ is going to tell us when he wants to get baptized tomorrow and we are still working with quite a few new people. YAY! :) The ward members keep giving us people to teach which is AMAZING. I'm so grateful for the ward. they play a huge role in missionary work, especially in this area that I'm serving in at this time. I know that the Lord has prepared them to hear the gospel and I'm so grateful I get to be part of their learning.
 I love studying in the Ensign, this morning I was reading an article in the September Ensign called "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox my favorite part of the article says " Grace is not a booster engine that kicks in once our fuel supply is exhausted. Rather, it is our constant energy source. it is not the light at the end of the tunnel but the light that moves us through the tunnel. Grace is not achieved somewhere down the road. It is received right here and right now." Remember the Savior's grace. He guides us through the darkest nights. He walks with us every step of the way and he forgives us for EVERY sin that we have. I love the gospel I know it's true. Everything in Texas is great. Another week to go! I love you all and hope you have a great week. Keep sending letters... you're losing the momentum! ;)
XOXO- Sister Tawny Ann Sylar

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