Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Finally, an update!!

Hey Ya'll!
I hope everything is going well there in Utah! everything is going great here in Texas and the work is moving forward! :) I had a couple experiences this week that were super cool! :) But sister Tullis and I have been trying to find new people to teach and continue to teach the people we have been teaching for a while! :) It's hard work, but completely worth it. I get tuckered out by the end of the day I'm ready for bed! :) Haha
So.. on Monday night we were going around trying to contact some people who had just moved into the neighborhood and there was a man on his porch on his phone. He looked busy and he wasn't facing the street, but as missionaries we are supposed to talk to everyone. So I gave sister Tullis a card to give to him and she walked up to him and started talking to him... we then found out that he is a coach for the Cowboys :) haha how awesome is that? He was very nice to us and had just gotten home from training in California. We forgot to ask for his name, but it was a good experience!
A couple weeks ago we were going through some people that we could go visit. I had a thought that we needed to go visit the Murray family... well we finally got a hold of them and he was soooo nice! :) He gave us gatorade and I was surprised to find out that his son served with Ethan Preator in Florida :) (Tell Shane to tell Ethan for me) haha it's such a small world! But we are going to have dinner with their whole family in the next couple weeks and continue to help them build their faith in the Lord! A lot of people out here say that they love the LDS religion and the people, but it's hard because it's more of a lifestyle than just a Sunday thing. Which is totally true... and fine by me! :) Haha
We had such a wonderful district meeting this week about humility and how to become better missionaries. Something that has been on my mind is how important it is to remember what kind of missionary I want to be and how I can be better at the things I'm doing. I'm really working on getting out of my shell and talking to everyone, when sometimes it can be awkward. After the meeting we went to lunch at Chicken Express and we were deciding what to get when a man who was sitting down walked up to the register and said "I will pay for whatever they order" and he did. He has a son on his mission over in France.. if I remember right. But there are such good people here in Texas and it was so great to see how much hospitality he had :)
We are also working on going to see our Less Active members and to build relationships with them. One of my favorite things that happened this week is we went to visit a sweet young lady who is about my age, her name is Danyelle and she has a twin. But... we were talking with her and she's gone to church again for the last couple of weeks and she told us that she's been thinking about going on a mission. she also went on to tell us that she had a friend that she wanted to give a Book of Mormon to. So we gave her a Book to give to her friend and she didn't hesitate, the next day she came up to us in church and said "I gave the Book of Mormon to my friend and she was so excited. She's coming to church with me next week" YES! :) The members are great here. They are so excited to get involved in the work. Remember that without referrals of people you know who are ready for the gospel, missionary work cannot be done! We need your faithfulness and your love! :)
It's been a great week, full of working on unity with my companion, some birthday's.. and maybe some melted cupcakes and candles in the backseat of our car.. cause I like to bake. hahahah :) Anyway.. I love ya'll and hope you're doing well! :) Read the Book of Mormon. I can testify that it is true, as I continue to read it daily and feel the spirit and strength it gives me throughout the day. I couldn't go a day without it :)

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