Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Letter #7

Greatest Family Ever! :)
Hello! I'm so glad to hear that everyone is doing well! I'm also doing really well. I love my area and the people I serve with! :) ya'll might get a surprise visit today or on Tuesday from the Ward Mission Leaders wife who is in my ward here! they are in Utah for a couple weeks and got your address so they can come see you (Everyone here takes 3-4 week vacations to Utah in the summer to escape the heat!) I should give you an update on everything, huh? Well.. first off I just want to say again, thank you SO much for the letters and packages. I'm absolutely loving all the support and love I'm getting from home. My family and friends mean so much to me and I can't even think about how I would be doing this without all your love and support! :) I get like... 2-3 letters a day. But don't overwhelm yourselves with sending so many packages and stuff! But thanks for the CD and the letters :)
So We had our interviews with the mission president this week. President Ames is such a sweet guy. I walked in the room and he's like.." Sister Sylar, you look good! How is everything going? Are you doing better?" like.. he sincerely cares and I love that! I know that he and I both have seen the change I have made in my attitude in the last 3 weeks! P.s. it's my month mark, how crazy is that? The mornings are getting better for me because I actually know what to expect for the day and I just remind myself that this is where I'm supposed to be and the Savior is walking right beside me! Also, I met one of Mandi's friends from High school! He is serving with me, but this is his last transfer. He goes home in 3 weeks. His name is Elder Katsos. Let her know that I met him :) Hahah he's really funny. I love that elder!
So this week, since I'm a Sister Training leader, I had the opportunity to go on 2 exchanges! 2 days in a row! haha my first exchange I went to Mansfield. The sisters pink washed (white washed means 2 new elders come into the area, pink washed means 2 new sisters come into the area) So they are still finding people to teach and getting to know the area. We tried to go to all of the places that they had planned, but nobody was home so we ended up tracting a lot. It's so funny. I just like... taught a 5 minute lesson at the door and we set up a return appointment for them. It's crazy how the spirit works and how open people are to listening to our message! The second exchange I went on was to Hurst. It's a VERY rough part of town and I was in a trio. That one was actually really fun cause those sisters are just so funny and so fun to be with that everything we did was fun. But the area, Like I said, was rough. but I had the opportunity to teach many people who need the savior in their life, and that was a blessing just to see that people are so accepting of the gospel in less affluent areas. Whereas my area, when we knock doors, people are a little bit harder to talk to cause they have their big houses and don't really need God... so they say ;) We got snow cones that night before we went in to plan for the night, so that was super fun! I want to send all these pictures, but I need the SD card you have :)
Anyway, after going on two exchanges in a row I realized how much I love my area, the people I serve with and my companion! Haha she's a little bit quirky and different, but I know that she was sent to me for a reason. I would probably be home right now if it weren't for her! Crazy, huh? I will attach some pics for you. It's been raining here the last 2 days and it's so nice cause it's cool outside and the rain is warm! :) YES!
anyway, I want to share 2 of my most spiritual experiences this week with you. Both of them happened yesterday (sunday) and just shocked me. So we have an investigator, his name is Joey and he's 20. He's soo funny and down to earth and likes to be called "Brother Joey" haha he calls himself a mormon already. We set a baptism date with him for the 29th of this month. Well.. yesterday our Ward Mission Leader was home and brought Joey to church, and Joey has been really struggling with his baptism lately, like he wanted his whole family to be able to go home to their own apartment after his baptism and stuff... like.. he was just over thinking it and not letting the spirit talk to him. Well.. guess what? They told us that they wanted to talk to us after church because Joey didn't know if he wanted to be baptized on the 29th anymore. So we went into a room and prayed. Then after Relief Society, we went to talk to Joey and Brother Ramage. ( I have a huge testimony now of fellowshipping) So Bro. Ramage was like.. "Joey doesn't want to be baptized on the 29th anymore" and Sister Tullis and I just... probably looked devastated. And then Joey pipes in and says "I want to be baptized on the 27th because I was born on January 27thand Bro. ramage said it was like a rebirth, so I think that would be cool" YAYYYY :) How crazy! :) So Joey is now ready and set to be baptized in about a week. If ya'll have the oppportunity, go out with the missionaries and experience the spirit that is there with them, I promise you will feel it!
And my last experience, but not least. I've had a feeling for about 3 days to go visit the girl that I taught the VERY FIRST day I was out here... but every time we went by her house, she wasn't home or something. She has Crohn's disease and she's 18 years old. Her name is Corinne. She's a sweetheart! So last night we had other plans, but I just had this feeling that we needed to go see her. So we went to her house and knocked 2 times and nobody answered... so I was like darn! And sister Tullis was like.. let's ring the doorbell and I was like... but it's 8, I feel bad. and she's like, it's worth a shot. So we did and they answered the door! We got to teach Corinne about the Plan of Happiness last night and at the end I felt so strongly that she was feeling the spirit that I said "Corinne, when you find out for yourself that this is true, will you be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God?" and she said "Yes! I would love to have that opportunity" My heart just... was so happy I didn't know what to do. so she is preparing to be baptized on the 24th of August (Cause she goes on a long vacation at the beginning of August, too) haha But yes.. the spirit is strong... so strong it's insane. And I know that he's using me as a tool in his hands to find those who are ready for this gospel!
The ward I serve in is amazing, by the way. The bishop is funny. (Funny Fact his name is Bishop David Smith, too!) and it was his birthday yesterday and he had us come over to go over a ward list and see who needs to be visited for an hour. I also found out that we can't use backpacks, so his wife sent an email out to the ward to get me a new bag. haha they take care of me, and I love it :)
I have rambled for like... ever. I'm sorry. but I want ya'll to know that I know that this church is true. I'm so grateful for the knowledge of this gospel and for the amazing opportunity I have to serve these people in Texas and help them to come closer to christ. I got to sing in Sacrament meeting with my companion yesterday and the spirit was just so strong. I know that as I testify of these things, and as people feel the spirit, their lives are changed and I'm so grateful to be a part of that. When I was homesick, I was just reading my scriptures and I ran across D&C section 75 and it gave me comfort to know that ya'll are being watched over. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers, you are also in mine every day. I love this work! It is moving forward and I'm so grateful to have such an amazing family! ya'll are the best! I hope you have a wonderful week! :)
Xoxo Sister Sylar

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