Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Letter #6

Mama and Stephen,
Hello from Keller, Texas! :) I'm doing much better this week than I was last week! :) Last week was tough because I was thinking about home a lot and what I could be doing at home, but as I'm getting more into the work and finding out what I'm going to be doing more, I'm getting more comfortable! :) the people here are so nice! I have only rode my bike 1 time and it was a nice day, we had some nice weather last week, that's for sure. While you guys were dying of heat, I had a week off of it. :) The hardest part of the day is still the morning for me, just because I have a lot of study time and down time so I tend to think a lot about home. But it's getting better as I pray and engross myself in the work :) There is no better place for me to be right now.
I want to thank you so much for the letters and packages that ya'll sent me, they really helped me a lot, just knowing that I have support at home. Tell ashley I also got her letter from the MTC and wrote her back today! tell her I love her and congratulations on the baby! I can't wait to see a picture! Holy cow.
So you may want to know, that where I'm serving is a very well off area... Glen Beck is in my ward, the Jonas brothers used to live in my area and life is going good! Haha I get fed a meal every night, which is nice because it doesn't have to be from going on a date, I just get it cause everyone loves the sister missionaries! :) It's fun. It's starting to get hot again, but I'm doing well, wearing sunscreen and drinking lots of water. People here are so nice, they always offer water, are willing to talk about Jesus and let you in when you need to cool down! haha i'm sure it's because they don't like to let the hot air inside the house ;) (stephen) Hahahah just kidding. you know I love you!
The only things I've noticed that are bigger in Texas so far are the houses and the bugs. I haven't been bugged a lot by the bugs, but they are pretty big when you see them. I go on jogs every morning with my companion, I feel bad that I kinda drag her. she's a wonderful companion, but very different from me in all ways. haha it's kinda weird, but cool to get to know her!
I'm glad you had a wonderful fourth of July! Mine was good too! We did a lot of proselyting, even though nobody was home and we also went to a 4th of July party in a place called Vaquero (where the Jonas Brothers and Glen Beck live) it's HUGE! The house we went to was a mansion, every house has a swimming pool, the ceiling looked like a casino. It was just nuts. The members in my ward are AMAZING though, they help so much with missionary work and also just support us and give us rides and everything. Many of the members have given me advice on homesickness and let me know that I'm not the only one who has gone through it. My district leader gave me a blessing last Sunday, so that was nice as well. ALSO, I get to sing with my companion in my ward on Sunday. If I could record it I would, but I probably can't. haha My Ward Mission Leader is in Salt Lake and Provo for the next 2 weeks and she got your address, so she may end up stopping by. Her and her husband are so great, they help so much! Gee, I'm so blessed to be serving in this area. I don't know what I'm going to do when I'm not living with a member or in an area like this!
There is a 18 year old girl whose name is Erica that likes to go on splits with us. She's so amazing. today for P day we went shopping at ross and went and got Costa Vida for lunch then went back to her house to write letters and eat. she's such a sweetheart. she's going to school at BYU in a couple of months. So that will be good for her :) She's so funny and has a personality just like me. she hopes so serve a mission but she has to wait a year because of some health issues. She got in a car accident about 2 months ago and is still recovering and I can tell you, just by the way she acts, the Gospel has made a huge difference in her life. :)
The more I get out and serve, I'm realizing how much I love the people here, I love to teach them, get to know them and build relationships with them :) we have 2 investigators who are preparing for baptism right now. one of them is struggling but he already calls himself a mormon. He's 20 and has a wife and little daughter. The other one with the baptism date is his dad, and he's so sweet as well. they said they've both noticed a difference in their lives since we've started teaching them.
The other major investigator we have, his name is Kevin. We taught him last week and as I was bearing my testimony he said "You say 'you know' instead of ' I think' how do you know?" and I just bore my testimony of how I've had to learn for myself that this is true and that the atonement is for everyone. It's so amazing to see how the spirit can work with so many different people. He lives with his aunt and uncle, they are so cute and so amazing. They're older and his uncle Pete is just so funny, he's like the old man that everyone loves. He gave us some lemon cranberry bread and said "this is for the hips" hahah yeah... he's hilarious.
We spend a lot of time in trainings and meetings as well, which is nice and helps me get the know the missionaries I will be working with. :) It's awesome. I have transfer interviews with President Ames on Wednesday this week and since I'm a sister training leader, I got to have a meeting with him last Tuesday as well. It's nice to see him a lot.. ish. haha I also get to go on Exchanges with 8 different companionships in the next 4 weeks... yikes, but I'm SO excited to see how other sisters work and see their areas as well! it'll be fun to see around.
Anyway, I love you guys so much! I miss you, but I know I'm in the right place! I hope ya'll had fun seeing Kay and Chelesa this week! Trevor emailed me so I've got to check that :) Can you tell whit I sent her a letter, but it's okay if she emails me too :) I don't mind! I love you so much! Big hugs and kisses and I will talk to you soon!
Sister Tawny Sylar

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