Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First Letter!

Hey Mom and Stephen!
My p-days are on Saturday while I'm at the MTC, just so you know!This experience has been wonderful. I absolutely love it here. I just barely sent you a  letter yesterday, but it's very sloppy, and very short and very bad cause I had to write it right before bed. I hope you guys are doing as well as me. I love it here and I have had it confirmed that this is where I'm supposed to be. I hope that you guys don't take it bad when I say I'm not homesick :)
I'll kind of go through what I've done day by day so you can hear about my experience so far, but I can't promise it will be in that much detail in my other letters!
The first day, after I said goodbye to you guys and ran away cause I didn't want to cry, I went into the main building and got my badge and room key and card with 8 dollars on it. Then I met my host outside and she took me to my dorm where we put my bags, then she took me to the classroom where I spend about 90% of my time. I met my district in there, my whole district is going to the same mission as me so it's really cool to get to know them better. My companion didn't show up until after dinner so I was a lone ranger until then and just teamed up with the other sisters. After we met our teachers we went to the MTC orientation where we heard from the MTC presidency and they made us feel right at home. It was so cool. The last song we sang was Army of Helaman and they changed the words to "We are now the Lord's missionaries" and everyone who sang was just soooo enthusiastic, it was amazing. The spirit is so strong here.
So I spend about 90% of my time in the classroom like I said, the other 10% is in the Cafeteria. Haha we have so much to learn that we really don't have a lot of time to do anything for ourselves.
My companion is so great. Her name is Sister Tuck and she's from Tremonton. She's 19 and just finished her first year at Snow College. She's a cute little blond with the biggest spirit! We've had the time of our lives learning about each other. We wake up every morning at 5:45 to work out and then get ready for the day. I don't know how but I have so much energy but yet I'm so tired all the time. I lie in bed at night trying to sleep for a half hour and then I wake up in the morning with no problem, maybe it's just because I'm so excited to know what the next day will bring! Haha So... Sister Tuck and I have been called by the branch presidency to be the sister training leaders. It's kinda like a zone leader but for the sisters... kinda. Like when the new Missionaries come next week we give them a tour and let them know about what they need to do and make sure they're feeling at home. It's going to be a great calling and I can't wait to serve those people in my branch. There are 6 sisters in a room and I've grown to love every single one of them, they're all in my district as well, so we eat, learn and sleep together.
Just a couple laughs... The first day I was here making my bed and stuff... I probably hit my head about 5 times on the bunk bed. My alarm clock decided to jump ahead 20 minutes so I went to bed about a half hour early the first day and woke up 20 minutes earlier than everyone else.. not on purpose. hahahaha. Also... speaking of clock issues, my watch battery is dying.. I think? It falls behind and so... right now it's about 2 hours behind the real time.
I've seen so many people here that look familiar from high school! But I did see my Sister Jordyn twice.. and I see her at every meal cause she eats at the same time as me. The first time she saw me she just hugged me and cried and said that she was just having one of those hard days, but I saw her later and she was happy and said that just seeing me here made her happy and ready for the day. She's so great. I love to see her. :) Make sure to encourage here cause I think that just the language is frustrating. I've also seen Elder Josh Beatty, who I went to Homecoming with my Senior year and Sister Sarah Eisert who was a friend in high school :) So crazy, but it's so great to see the work moving along.
We taught our first "investigator" yesterday who is basically our teacher doing a role play, but they make it so real, you have to go to the door and knock and just teach by the spirit, it's amazing how the spirit can just put words in your mouth.
I'm writing you guys from the laundry room right now, how exciting huh? Haha We get to go to the temple later today and I'm really looking forward to tomorrow because we get to see a devotional and walk to the temple and stuff like that. Hopefully I can fill up my SD card with pictures and send them home to you soon. I want to thank you guys SO much for the support and love you have given me and thank you for the letters and the cupcakes! I shared them with the other sisters, I hope you don't mind. But getting letters and packages really makes me feel unhomesick. :)
I love you guys so much and hope you're doing as well as me. The gospel is true, and I cannot deny it. I've felt the spirit here more than anywhere else in my life and I've seen so much change in myself and my companion. we are becoming teachers! :) I'm so thankful for a loving Savior who sacrificed his life so I can return to him through repentance.
The work is moving forward and I love being a part of it!
I love you,
Sister Sylar

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